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A bit silly - Hamilton DSQ

Not that I'm in any way a McLaren supporter, but this is indeed a tad silly. Hamilton's disqualification had nothing to do with the race incident itself but with him and his team "providing misleading evidence", go figure


  • for "providing misleading evidence" read lying to the stewards. crash.net have a transcript of the radio talk on their site.

    If the incident is referred to the WMSC Lewis could be banned for a couple of races or chucked out altogether.
  • It's more than a bit silly.

    The substance of the matter appears to be that the driver and the team were doing their best to comply with the rules.

    Under a safety car, it is really moot as to whether or not you 'let' someone pass. I am not surprised that Lewis' comment over the radio was 'I let him pass'. That could simply mean that 'I didn't intentionally block him from passing'.

    If the stewards ask you, 'did you let him pass?' and in your own mind, you interpret that as slowing down, and moving over, and replied no, then that is pretty understandable.

    But apart from that, it is really irrelvenat who did what and when AFTER Trulli went off. He went off! End of story. Passing someone that has gone off, is not passing. They aren't on the race track, so the passing on the yellow rules don't apply.

    To me, this is a case of the stewards taking themselves WAY too seriously, and actively looking for ways to punish McLaren.
  • ...And McLaren SHOULD be punished.

    But forget about fines and bans and grid penalties.

    This is NEW formula 1 - Max Mosely style.

    Have Lewis bent over a wooden horse wearing only a leather crutchless G-String, with diamonties and have Jarno (wearing the same but with a leather full face mask)
    whipping him with a leather cat-o-nine tales yelling "who's been a bad boy then".

  • This latest issue isn't about what happened on track, it's about lying to the stewards. In a court of law, it's called perjury, as those far more learned than myself already know.

    He lied to the stewards as has been found out. He needs to get his boot in the arse.
  • Having looked at the transcript I think what Mclaren / Lewis did on the track was fair.

    However, off the track they didn't admit to letting Trulli past - that's pretty out of order.
    Not telling the truth to presumably get another car penalised is wrong.

    The thing that really concerns me is the stewards at Australia, surely they should have checked the radio transmissions as part of the initial investigation. They should have also checked with charlie whiting.:mad:
  • Crap, crap, double crap. You're all full of shit.

    What's lying?

    Is picking up rubber at the end of a race a tacit admission that you are lying aboput the weight of your car?

    Is submitting a form stating that the car is compliant with the rules, even though there is some doubt? Doubt, as in 'the car really does have traction control' doubt as in 'the car is within the aero rules' You could go on and on.

    and finally, when Rubens let Michael past all of those times, and the team blandly told the stewards that there were no team orders, di the stewards call for the tapes??? Did they?!

    The stewards and their accolytes in this place need to get off of their high horses.

    This is bullshit.

    PS - I still hate Ron.
  • McLaren could have avoided everything by not lying, the results would have showed Trulli 3rd and Hamilton 4th. Instead they were gonna let Trulli take a penalty that he didn't earn. Fuck em.
  • Apprarantly some McLaren employee I've never heard of has been suspended over this incident. I think the poor (fall)guy is called Dave Ryan.
  • Ahhhh, this is more like it. A bit of fire and brimstone.

    Were McLaren outof order? Yes.

    Do the stewards enjoy kicking them? Oh yes.

    PS I still love Ron. (and I'm proud of you, Lease. Will an OBE do?)
  • Me an FIA accolyte!!! You're fucking kidding me aren't you????

    Hey, McLaren tried it on, and they got caught out. Stand up and be a man and take your punishment. Fuck off with this kindergarten "but they did it first" shit. You get caught, take it. And I agree, the other stuff should have been punished as well. McLaren fucked by leaving, in effect, "a paper trail".

    If they want to mandate that the car's weight at the end of the race is with clean tyres, do so and punish those that don't comply. But until the rule is written that, teams will continue to do what they are doing. I'm just saying that that is the rule and McLaren got caught.
  • That's right Henry. If you get caught out, take your punishment.

    Methinks the doggie protesteth too much.

    Viges, I think I'll settle for an Order of Australia. I'm sure you understand.
  • I would like to know to what degree Dave Ryan is the fall guy here. For all we know he may have been totally responsible for leaning on Lewis (lest we forget the world champion is very young). However, from what Martin Brundle was implying, it can't have just been Ryan.
  • Mclaren style?
  • Wayne, I'm not protesting anything. Yes, I'm no Ron fan, no secret there. And everybody knows I'm ceratinly no Lewis fan. Yes, the boy's got talent to spare, just not a fan. But they got caught, simple as that. If you can do it and get away with, good luck to you. But they didn't so, take it and get on with it.

    Yes, the FIA has certainly appeared to favour TOIT and had a set on the Woking boys and in both cases it sucks and the FIA needs to pull their heads in, and given the opportunity I'd love to get hold of Mosely and belt the living suitcase out of what's left after Stoddie has had a crack at him, but, again, they got caught.

    Would the same punishment have been handed out to any other team? I'd certainly hope so. But until the same incident happens again we won't know. But if it does, and they don't receive at least the same punishment as a minimum, they've got nothing to bitch about, and I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone screaming that the FIA still has a bias against McLaren.
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