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Whom are you supporting this year?

Was just wondering whom you guys are supporting in F1 this year? Personally, I don't have an issue with Brawn winning. I like Rubens and Button has been humbled for so long after his overhyped debut in 2000 that he deserves a break. Apart from that, the ex-Minarditas, especially Alonso, Force India and Williams score well with me.


  • I'll go for Brawn.
    Jenson seems laid back this year, and for showing good allegiance to the Honda Team (amid all the crap with Williams a few years ago) I think he deserves it. He could have walked in December when it went pear shaped. Also, no political rubbish that McLaren and Ferrari have.

    Good to see Webber have some competition in the same car it will make him more focused too.
    Vettel, I think is a better driver (Sorry!!!)
  • Of course I support THE ONLY ITALIAN TEAM.
    For once TOIT are at the back but will recover and by the end of the season they will finish up with the top 3 teams. I would say it is a great challenge between Red Bull and Brawn, Red Bull has a lot of improvements still possible on the car.
  • Adrian Sutil for me don't know why just have a soft spot for him.I could have seen him been a Minardi driver if they werw still around:(
  • Brawn, Jensey-baby, Lewis, McLaren, Williams, Force India, Minardi-istas ... basically, anyone but the red team.

    RBR's success is great news for the guys who were there when it was Stewart/Jag.
  • "anyone but the red team"

    it seems I am in a minority here (as usual) :-)
  • For me, all the ex Minardi boys, The BMW boys as i started to support their team last year, and Vettel as i like this kid.
  • I like Kubica and Heidfeld but they are making it near impossible to support them this season.

    Vettel and the Brawn's are who I am mainly following. Have to keep Neil_s in the minority. Just a shame that Massimo arrives there and things are in disarray, but they are starting to look better.
  • Bourdais, Hamilton and Brawn.

    Doubt Bourdais will make it to the end of the year though.

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  • No issue for me either with Jenson and Brawn taking the championships. Would love to see Jarno and Webbo winning a race, and Williams and BMW being more competitive. I would also love to see Heidfeld winning a race, but definitely it is not going to happen this year.
    Although I'm not their fans, I'm really sorry for Alonso, Kubica and Clewlis being doomed with such uncompetitive cars. Vettel will be ready to win the title next year.

    The whole lot at the moment is great, with real stars like Alonso, Kimi, Massa, Hamilton, Kubica and the young Vettel and Rosberg, and "old" lions like Webbo, Trulli and Heidfeld. It reminds me a lot of the Piquet-Mansell-Prost era, with the young Senna and Berger, and then Alesi, arising, and "oldies" like Rosberg, Arnoux, Patrese, Alboreto, Warwick.
  • Webber. It's an Australian thing.
  • fernando and Vettel.
    And Fisichella, of course.
  • Webbo and Jens

    and not really supporting Brawn, but LMAO at the HONDA CEO's that pulled the plug... Harakiri anyone? ;)
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