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How's being treated in your countries the story about Berlusconi's sexual scandal?
I'm curious, let me know.

ps I completed the couple of drivers in salvo's personal team. Niccolò Toscano was born 21 days ago and he reached his brother Michele on the grid.:cool:


  • Not getting much coverage at all.

    One item suggests that it's a bit hard to treat Italian policitics seriously when 60 governments have been elected since 1945.
  • Many congratulations salvo!

    The Berlusconi tapes are getting a fair bit of coverage here. Very amusing stuff, especially his boasting about 'running the world economy'. Most commentators say most Italians don't care much about the hookers and the political opposition to Berlusconi is v poor.
  • I read about it almost daily. But you've summed up what I'm reading in your last post.
  • Congratulations salvo, hope your wife and the new arrival are both doing well!!
  • thanks, they both are doing very well.
  • why are we speaking of silvio? who is he :-)

    and congrats by the way!
  • Congratulazioni Salvo

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