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Massa's Stand in

I think it is safe to assume that Massa will be out of the cockpit for a while. Does anyone have any ideas about potential replacements.

My suggestions are (in no particular order)

Alonso (assuming Renault don't win any appeal)
Gene (Spanish test Driver, good PR for Valencia, depends on Peugeot commitments)
Badoer (my choice, ex Minardi Legend would be great to see an Italian in a Ferrari again, also a chance to score points and annoy all the statisitions)
Bourdais (no chance)
Schumacher (possible but little for him to gain in a return)

Is there anyone I've missed?

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  • Has Luca ever raced a Ferrari? I don't think so. He deserves it but has been out of racing for ten years.
  • Its got to be Luca. A seriously underrated talent. The Nurburgring in '99 he was bossing 4th place till the blasted drive shaft went. I remember the pic of him crying on GCM's shoulder.
  • Originally posted by viges
    Has Luca ever raced a Ferrari?
    It didn't stop Toro Rosso putting a guy in an F1 car that had never previously gone round a corner in one. It think Luca's 50+ Gp entries should count for something.
  • why not mirko bortolotti?
    he's 18, he tested a ferrari this year and he's done the new record in fiorano.
    i'd give him a chance. waiting for alonso next year. and hoping, of course, that massa gets well.
  • My money is on Marc Gene. His last F1 race is a lot more recent than Badoer's. I'm kind of hoping for Luca though.
  • Since F1 are supposed to be cost cutting ...
    Mansell raced for ferrari - If they took out the KERS they wouldn't have to add any additional ballast!:D

    Pedro de la Rosa ? he's spanish but wouldn't be my choice.

    I never thought I'd say it but it would be great to see M. schumacher back.

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  • MS to replace Massa


    7 races to go and Button has 70 points. If MS won all races and Button got nothing it is (very unlikely) but not impossible for MS to win another championship
  • ha! schu is doing a nigel... let's see whether he went wild on the pie as well!
  • bring back shumy for some races, it will be fun to see him battling against vettel for example...
  • I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait!
  • So, is he going to turn up in an all-white racing suit and helmet???

    Some say his shit doesn't stink. There is even a suggestion that future anthropoligists will define a new sub-species based on his autopsy, which will have revealed ethanol in place of bone marrow.

    All we know is, he's called the Schu.
  • He's fit as a fiddle apart from a motorcycling neck injury.
  • "fit as a fiddle!". Been reading Nurse Nancy to your kids?

    As much as he polarises opinion, it will be good to see him back and inject some enthusiasm that Max
    has ripped out of the sport.
  • According to autosport.com Ferrari want to get Michael a test in the current car. So far he's used the 07 car. Norbert from merc says its okay.

    However no-one granted Jaime Alguthingy a test before he took over from Bourdais so why should Schumi be any different, Schumi has 250 gp's of experience he shouldn't need a test.
  • Give TOIT a chance to do some mid-season testing using the best development driver in the sport?

    Seems fair enough to me.

    How could they even have asked?????
  • Who's No 1 driver in Ferrari then?

    Kimi wouldn't mind letting MS past, would he ?? :)

    Dr Spin
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