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Schumacher's comeback cancelled

According to the BBC website Michael Schumacher has called off his proposed return to F1 due to a neck injury.

So who's gonna take his place?

My thoughts
Badoer or Gene:- Both test drivers experience with the F60.

Kubica:- Seeing BMW are giving up it would be a good chance for him to be evaluated for a seat next year.

Bourdais:- Used to the new cars and available.

Alonso:- Possible as Renault are banned for Valencia and to evaluate him for a seat nest year.

Piquet:- see Bourdais

I'm not sure there is anyone else to be honest unless I've missed someone.


  • Some sites report that they'll put Badoer in the car. About time, even though I wonder if it isn't five years late.
  • how old is Mika Salo these days?
  • Stan you are correct according to Autosport Ferrari have confirmed Luca for Valencia. Get in :):)
  • Apparently the President of the Spanish Motor Sport Association or the race organisers is having a major whinge about not putting Marc Gene in the car.

    I'll tell you what I'll ask Ferrari to put Gene in the car if you move the race to a decent track and reduce the ticket prices.
  • it's official Luca Badoer has been confirmed!!!!
  • Congrats to Luca Badoer! Here's to him being able to make the most of this chance.
  • Hooray, Forza Luca!

    Schumacher's a pain in the neck ... sorry, he has a pain in the neck.

    Ten years after THAT European GP ...

    PS BBC radio's idiot commentator (whose done the job for all of five minutes) said something like 'Badoer's not very good'. Tool.
  • don't get me started about incompetence at the beeb
  • Fantastic - I have my fingers permanently crossed till the end of the race!
    Luca has always been my favourite driver

    Also - hi everyone! I haven't been on this board in about 4 years!
  • yes finally an Italian at the only Italian Team
    Hope Luca does well and has a permanent seat with the scuderia!
  • xiola, I remember you :-)
  • How are you R-J? Still burning the candle at both ends?
  • I see this weeks autosport has an article on Luca. It also has a list of the drivers who've had the most races with no points. Go on Luca remove yourself from the list and make Brett Lunger a cult hero (at least in his own house.)
  • Sorry for M$, it would have made this part of the season veeeeery interesting.
    But I'm very happy for Luca, he deserved this chance after 10 years. Still, I'm not sure howhw may perform, after 10 years far away from the race atmosphere (10 years from THAT European GP....).
    I guess they'll try to get Felipe back asap.
  • Manilo According to various sources Ferrari want to try and put Massa in the car from Brazil.

    I'm not sure if that means Luca's got the drive until then but we can hope.
  • According to Bild, Schumacher is secretly training. Perhaps to have a later comeback allowing more time for his body to get fit. It may be that Badoer drives in Valencia and Spa, then M$ in Monza, Singapore and Suzuka, and Massa is back for Interlagos and Abu Dhabi.
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