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Poor old Luca

Just watched him on bbc1 he looked like a duck out of water.Feel sorry for the guy,but we will never forget how close he was to getting Minardi's first poudium.

Fingers crossed for a big pile up on first corner:D:D:D


  • Oh dear, which ever way you dice it, qualifying was poor for Luca. 1.5" off the rookie in 19th place. OK, he hasn't driven this track and he hasn't driven this car but that has to be worse than Maranello was expecting. Luca told the BBC this whole weekend is 'a test' but I can't see TOIT keeping him for Spa unless he excels in the race.
  • I thought he would do better but let's hope for a good race tomorrow.
  • Hmmm not pretty for the oldest man on the grid.

    Well done to the next oldest - Rubinho!
  • Yea Luca was gawd awful bad! What a difference 10 years makes. Makes a mockery of all the new startups wanting experienced test drivers. Best to go for a young hotshoe!
  • yep, I have to agree here!
    Luca seemed very very stupid! and saying you used the weekend as a test is the most stupid comment I have ever heard!
  • oh dear, oh dear, that was a bit embarassing, poor Luca, not the comeback we all had hoped for
  • yes, indeed. not a nice show
  • Not a good show for Luca

    Tough situation - he's having to learn:-
    New ferrari chassis
    New track
    Kers ? (I don't know if they were using it)
    and its also probably been a while since he's used slick tyres.

    If they let him race at Spa, I really hope he can raise his game.

    my (non-TOIT) source tells me "poor guy, its not an easy car to set-up or drive ... very complex KERS ... Italian electronics!"

    You heard it here first.
  • Just read that Davidson will be contacting Ferrari personally, I doubt they'll be taking open solicitations. I would much rather see Bourdais or Piquet.

    They better make the right choice, I don't think they are allowed to make another driver change again after changing Luca.

    [Edited on 24-8-09 by Stan]
  • What about Marc Gene,I thought he was still with Ferrari and he has just won the La Mans???
  • I'd vote for Gene too
  • Heard some rumours of Fisi being in line to replace Luca at Monza..

    If that's true, it sure gave him a boost..
  • Et voila, the rumours were true, Fisi in Luca's seat from Monza on..
  • This could be the beginning of the end of his F1 carreer. Or the start of something great should they decide to keep him for next year. I think the first is more likely.
  • i believe Fisichella has still more to offer! Forza!
  • Hmm, reserve driver for 2010! Surely he would have only taken that if there was no seat for him at F India next year.
  • Yes Force India had already offered the drive to Luizzi for 2010.
    I was listening to the BBC radio commentary with Davidson et al, what they failed to appreciate it was the complexity of the car. I texted in to their show that Davidson would line up on the last row as well with no testing.
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