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Button to McLaren

A British superteam! Has this happened before? Maybe Stewart & Hill but only one was a champion at that point.

re: Brawn/Merc - will that stay at Brackley? It has to but is an odd arrangment, like Renault.


  • for shure there was already a "really" brithish team in F1 in 1994. David Coulthard (okay, he's scotish) and Nigel Mansell drove together with Damon Hill at Williams after the death of Ayrton Senna.

    Mansel even won a race back than.
  • The last time a team had two British world champions as team mates was in the 60's when Jim Clark and Graham Hill were team mates.
  • Thank-you ...

    - The first time in Formula 1 history that a team has started the new season with a line-up featuring the most recent two successive World Champions
    - The first pairing of two British World Champions since Graham Hill [1962, 1968] partnered Jim Clark [1963, 1965] at Lotus in 1968.


    It will be really interesting to see how much Jense can take it to Lewis in the boy wonder's team. Button now has number one on his car but it was built to Lewis' spec. If Jenson can sort it to his smooth style he stands a chance but I feel that is a very big 'if'. Come on champ ...
  • The pitpass coverage of this is fun.

    Pitpass today around noon:
    "Negotiations are continuing and the reports that he has already agreed terms with McLaren are not helpful," said Brawn. "I would be amazed if that were the case.
    Pitpass later that afternoon:
    McLaren has announced the signing of the reigning World Champion Jenson Button to a multi-year deal.
    That must hurt Ross.
  • Other breaking news: Kimi not racing next year!!!!!!
    He said either McLaren or nothing.
    I don't know if Jense went to McLaren because Kimi did not agree on a deal with Whitmarsh, or if it was McLaren which choose Jense in first instance.

    If I were Kimi, I would have gone to Brawn immediately!
    Now who's going to pair Rosberg in Brawn? Heidfeld? Kubica (if Renault leaves)?

    For sure it is one of the most unpredictable seasons ever. We actually have no idea which the values in the field will be at the beginning of the season, and it does not happen often.

    As for viges's statements, yes, they're correct:
    1) G.Hill and Stewart were mates at Lotus in 1968 after Clark's death, but Jackie was not champion at the time, and D.Hill and Mansell were mates at Williams during the French, European, Japanese and Australian GPs 1994, but Damon had to wait two more years to be champ.
    2) Mc Laren had for two races the new champion and the outgoing one at the end of 1985 (Prost-Lauda) and for one race in 1989 (Prost-Senna, while at the last race became champions Fangio in 1951 (partnering Farina in Alfa) and Hulme in 1967 (partnering Brabham in Brabham), but no team ever started the season with the two last world champions. Other cases of teams made of two past champions are Ferrari 1953/55 (Farina-Ascari) and McLaren 1986 (Prost-Rosberg).
  • Official about Kimi Raikkonen: he'll drive a Citroen C4 of the Red Bull Junior Team in 12 out of the 13 races of the WRC 2010 (excluding New Zealand).

    His co-driver will be former Makinen's mate Finn Kaj Lindström.

    At the moment, the deal is only for 1 year, and Kimi is rumoured to be waiting to join Red Bull for a 2011 F1 comeback alongside Seb Vettel.

    But, should the experience go well, who knows that instead we might see him definitively in the Rallies' world.

    Good luck to him for this adventure, anyway, I'll definitely follow it with much interest, to see if he'll be able to be a competitor for Loeb, Latvala and Hirvonen from the beginning! Of course, difficult, but Kimi has the magical touch, when he wants, and he's not new to the rallies, so it definitely deserves being followed!

    Kimi, who's already raced the 2009 Finland Rally on a Fiat Grande Punto Abarth, being forced to withdraw while he was 15th, declared that he had always wanted to compete in the WRC, and that he's therefore happy for this new challenge!

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  • Kimi to Red bull with Vettell? That would be fun. Very similar personalities - tee hee

    So what of Webber?

    Retires and looks after his GP3 team? Nah, too young, too much fire.

    Back to a rejeuvenated Minardi? We wish.

    Or will he do the old bloke thing and get a V8 Supercar seat? Could be embarrassing, there are some very hot young-uns there.

    The fact is though, that if they give him a hot car again next year, and he doesn't win, or beat Seb, he's done.
  • 'Fraid so. Apart from his first F1 race he's never had much good luck. When he finally gets a race-winning car he finds his team-mate is The Next Big Thing.
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