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New cars

I like the Renault livery as it harks back to their 1970s get up.


So does TOIT.

Merc and Macca are too similar though.


BTW none of the new teams are testing at Valencia this week.


  • Schumi right on the pace as is Massa.
  • I'm sorry I don't agree regarding the Renault too much red and not enough white to be retro cool. Livery aside its one ugly car.

    The Sauber looks cool without any sponsors (what happened to Nesespresso.)

    New TOIT looks meh

    New Mclaren looks cool from the front but hideous in profile.

    New Brawn/Merc looks like it needs a wash.

    Williams looks cool.

    New Virgin looks....don't know web launch failed due to technical issues so as of yet no pictures.
  • The New Virgin car livery looks like Justin Wilson's IRL car from last year.
  • I love the "new" Reanult livery. Sure, the red is too much (Total is the main sponsor.....), and should have been replaced by some more white, still it reminds well the original TOFT livery from late '70s and early '80's.
    That was the second most beautiful one in history, along with late '90s Silver Arrow McLaren, second only to the legendary black/gold JPS Lotus.

    But Ghosn said if no results arrive, at the end of the season he'll close the shop (Kubica is warned)......and so said Sauber, who confirmed he only has money for 2010, if no big sponsors arrive there'll be no 2011. His only real hope is Kobayashi to show he's a real talent......Pedro can only be useful to develop the car.

    Kinda like Mc Laren and Mercedes' liveries, even though, but for the Vodafone red in Macca, it would be difficult to distinguish them on track. Button's times at yesterday's tests were not encouraging.....I'm afraid he'll be smashed by Clewlis.

    I'm also curious to see the new cars, and especially to see if all of them will be at Manama on March 12 for the first session......

    Finally, today in Valencia the Alonso-Ferrari era started, and he's already faster than both Massa and M$. These tests mean nothing yet, but a certain voice tells me he'll be the guy to beat during the season.....

    And today,
  • The renault livery makes me think of a bee. Just as I thought they couldn't make their car uglier. To illustrate how ugly I think it is: I find myself longing for last year's livery.

    I love the Virgin though, but if I have to believe Petrol they'll be dead last because of CFD. ;)

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  • I kinda like the renault livery, too. Virgins livery reminds me of MF1 M16. I think the new TOIT-car really looks way better than the last ones.

    I am hoping that Campos will blow my mind with their livery and car.

    [Bearbeitet am 3-2-10 von DONTSTOP]
  • It's interesting to see the lack of sponsors on quite a few cars. I wonder if all the teams will finish the season out.

    I am waiting to see what USF1 can come up with. Maybe a NASCAR style livery with little stickers everywhere.
  • Originally posted by SuperRoo
    I am waiting to see what USF1 can come up with. Maybe a NASCAR style livery with little stickers everywhere.
    Maybe they'll do a Jan Lammers Racing for Holland effort and divide the car into little squares that can't bought on a race by race basis.
  • I hope Campos makes it to the grid. He seems to be the closest to GCM in racing philosophy.
    Interested to see whether the CFD only Virgin car is a lemon!
  • The Virgin car was about 8 seconds off the pace yesterday but only did a few laps.

    The morning the front wing broke and the team have no spare so they've stopped running until tomorrow.

    P.S. You can enter a comp on the Virgin racing website to name the car.

    My choice is "Mary"
  • Apparently USF1 is also using the CFD only approach. (If they will even come up with any car in the foreseeable future.)

    On a side note: Did anyone see the monstrosity that a certain engineering group is offering to the IRL for 2012? I'm sort of wondering if it is a joke or not. How can this thing go any direction besides a straight line?

  • is that the bat mobile?
  • Love the look of the new Lotus.
  • I love the new Lotus livery too. The look of the car seems minimalistic, beautiful perhaps, but the impression is that it will not really be performing....

    Still curious to see Campos, and to see if USF1 has really got a car.......
  • Campos are out. USF1 still optimistic.
  • BRG looks nicer with a yellow stripe (compared to Jag F1)
  • what a shame about campos! makes it easier for me though, Lotus all the way this year!!
  • USF1 also croaking.

    Lotus look OK in tests this week, Virgin less so.
  • According to Autosport.com A. Campos has been bought out by a fellow shareholder with help from Colin Kolles (potential future VW/Audi deal???)Kolles will probably run the team and carry out any dentistry required, Geoff Willis is rumoured to be involved on the aero side.

    So Viges looks like post on the 16th was backwards.:)
  • CNN is going to be Lotus's main sponsor.

    No news at all about Campos, which, 9 days before the first practice in Manama, means they won't appear (at least initially). Campos team has apparently been bought by Josè Ramón Carabante, and should be renamed Hispania Racing, and appear in Manama without having done any test.......

    The issue is closed about US F1: after a Facebook post by an employee saying everything possible against Anderson and Windsor, and that there was no car at all, the little money had been misspent, the employees not paid, and no engine had been delivered by Cosworth, that was creditor for $2,5M, yesterday it was announced that the factory was closed, and participation to F1 delayed to 2011. We won't hear anymore about US F1. Goodnight.
  • As far as I read, Campos is going to have a official presentation tomorrow in Murcia. They are now called "Hispania Racing F1 Team".
  • Originally posted by DONTSTOP
    They are now called "Hispania Racing F1 Team".
    HRT unfortunate :D. However surely a well known Aussie V8 team may want to have a word with Mr Carabante about his chosen acronym.
  • Stefan all sounds v dodgy. Toyota must've bitten their arms off when they came waving cash. Andrea Moda, anyone?

    Shame for US but it always seemed a long shot. Yes, there should be a race in the US of A (+ Canada) but basing a team there seems a little ... leftfield? Anyway, the proof was in the sponsors (Minardi, anyone?). Now you see them ... now you don't. Money talks, bullshit walks, as Bernie is so fond of saying.

    re: our dear Spanish friends - someone should have advised them against HRT as the team abbreviation. Place your bets on the cars reaching 50 laps before overheating and hitting something ...

    [Edited on 4-3-10 by viges]
  • Here is the first pictures of the Dallara. Please note the scary looking front wing and vast amount of sponsors.

  • still looks better to me than the Virgin and Lotus cars. Embratel is a Sponsor of Bruno Senna. Senna said they would be about a second (!) faster than the other two new teams.
  • Well - Im obviously rooting for Lotus - might have to get my old Elan out for a spin.
    As a creative person, the BRG colour is a tad too dark and the whole car looks blobish.
    They need to green it up a tad. (my opinion)
    They had times in the JPS days when the Gold didnt show up well on the black,
    so they had to 'yellow' it up so the cameras could read the sponsor better.

    Heres for an interesting race season - whatever happens.
  • Ha, this is going to be fun.

    On the one hand, there appear to be about eight guys who could potentially challenge the podium, and on the other, there at least four who wouldn't have made the grid when the four second rule was around.

    We are going to need a new category in the predictions comp:

    A/ Which HRT/Virgin driver will be ploughed into first in each race; &

    B/ Who will plough into A in each race

    I'll take Chandhock/Massa for the first three races.

    I reckon that Mr. Sauber must feel like an idiot. The man has so much auctoris that not only has he revived his team after the Bavarian rapists left, and with bugger all sponsors, but he has to share the middle/back of the grid with a bunch of 'Entrepreurs' who don't give a flying fuck about the sport that he helped to build.

    It is one thing for Richard Branson to hire 1000 pretty girls and call it an airline (hoping that everyone is too busy looking at said pretty girls, that they don't notice how uncomfortable their flight is), and quite another to pay $10 to get a slot on the grid and then quite openly field a car that has no chance what-so-ever of competing, and tell one and all that we may be getting there in a few years. This approach of not being able to compete until all the money rules have been brought in is just ridiculous.

    As for HRT, I think that Latin Passion is all fine as far as it goes, but fielding a Spanish car is not a good enough reason to put the lives of others at risk.

    Anyway, it's off to that Mecca of sensible business practice, Bahrain (irony anyone.......anyone?) to see the carnage commence.
  • Virgin car looks undriveable.Why did Wirth think he could produce an F1 a car without the use of a wind tunnel?
    Dallara have produced a neat tidy package. The tue test for the New teams is how they stand against Williams, the only established team running Cosworth Engines.
  • Why did Wirth think he could produce an F1 a car without the use of a wind tunnel?
    Probably because he won the ALMS with a car that had only seen the inside of a wind tunnel for a few days.

    Virgin doesn't seem to be much slower than Dallara and Lotus. But how about a bet? ;)

    [Edited on 13-3-10 by Stan]
  • I'll take that bet. The Dallara chassis will proove fastest of the news teams, even allowing for first 4 races which will be test sessions for Hispania.
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