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I'll start the ball rolling

Red Bull driver Mark Webber will be at the wheel of team-mate Sebastian Vettel's old chassis at this weekend's British Grand Prix. The RB6 chassis was named 'Luscious Liz' by Vettel at the beginning of the season, before it sustained damage and the German underperformed while Webber dominated in Barcelona and Monaco.

Webber's new car is unlikely to feature the 'Luscious Liz' signage on the dashboard, with the Australian admitting his relationship with Vettel is "pretty good" after their Istanbul crash but they don't get on "like a house on fire".

"If Seb's drowning in the ocean then I'll go and help him out. It's not easy to have a beautiful, fuzzy, warm relationship when your team-mate is clearly a competitor," he said. (espnf1.com)

It would be interesting to see if he won what SB would say about it. The weekend sounds like it should be a good one - lots of interest - lots of hope and glory? McLaren seem to think they have a good combination happening.


  • So much for Senna, HRT has just announced that they will put Yamamoto in the car in Silverstone. They will decide on who will definitely replace Senna later.

    Over here, there has been a rumor that Christijan Albers might get the seat if he can find the sponsorship. Apparently Colin Kolles has been in contact with him. I'd personally rather see someone a bit more competent to drive the car, but I don't think any sane driver would want to drive the car.
  • post race:

    Well done Webbo, absolutely stuck it to the Austrian idiots who run RBR. What are they thinking about - clear favouritism towards Seb now (re: new parts).

    I thought that after re-siging Mark (and forgetting about Kimi and Kubica) they would/should treat both drivers as McLaren, Williams, etc. do but obviously not. What cretins. They have created two garages now ... which is great for us Macca fans. Seb and Webbo can qualify 1-2 as much as they like for all I care, something is bound to happen on Sunday.
  • It was all going so swimmingly well last year, with Vettel clearly the quickest, and Webber in the rear guard. Then Webber's leg got fixed up, and it has been trouble all the way since.

    There is discussion elswhere that Webber wants a meeting; didn't sign up for #2.

    Well whatever, the fact is that these two have what has been consistently the fastest car all year, and instead of charging away with te championship, are sittng a good way behind the Macs.

    Stupid, stupid management.

    Fun race though. Webberr gets a clean start for a change, and I fancy that Vettel was going to pull in behind until he found the space filled by Hamilton.

    After that, just great fun from the midfield.

    Good to watch.
  • Just before the start, Horner told the BBC his drivers 'knew what they had to do'. Hmmm - did he really expect Webbo to follow 'the leader'? Seb tried to wipe him down the pitwall. A right little Schumi.
  • Great Race - Marks most decisive I've seen yet . . . . and . . . . in Vettel's rejected chassis - Mandy must be pissed off.
  • "Not bad for a #2" Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink.

    What a pack of wankers RBR management are. I'm guessing Marko is the is pulling the strings.

    Just hope Mark doesn't do a Rubens and follow orders.

    Poetic justice will be done if Webbers wins the German GP and Vettel gets taken out by MS. Oh please let it be.

    Would rather see Webber at Renault than have to take this treatment.
  • Tasty ...

    Red Bull were facing accusations of rank civil war on Sunday night after an extraordinary British Grand Prix won by Australia’s Mark Webber ended with the one half of the team’s garage allegedly taunting the other with a body part from the winning car.

  • If Vettel wins the WDC this year - and pronounces he is Number One - well - a lot of people, including himself will know deep down inside what the truth is.
    (and I'd probably put my money on Hamilton at the moment)

    P.S. Just looked at the official Red Bull site and there is NOT a lot of sympathy for Vettel.

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  • Gets more fun all the time.

    It is just so sad that Big Deet as I like to call him; has put so much money into so many sports, and then just stuffs it all up by tring to pull the Teutonic string just a little too much.

    Whilst Mark Webber starts to look like Allan Jones more all the time: "Come Allan, let's bury the hatchett" " Yes Carlos, in your back!"; Christian Horner looks like a harried CEO being bullied by the Chairman's hired thug, Don Marko, more all the time.

    How can they manage to make the best car, with two great drivers, the best chance they will probably ever have to win the title; and then in the course of less than 3 months:

    - Polarise their fan base
    - Manage to make a huge amount of folks who were sitting on the fence as to whether Webber is a top tier driver, turn around and shout his praises to the heavens
    - Take a raw talent like Vettel, and turn him into an idiot that acts like a world champion before he has deserved it
    - Polarise their own team for goodness sakes
    - Languish behind a resurgent Maclaren, when they should be leading the championship by over 50 points

    It's crazy. Now they are in a situation where they are going to have to fire somebody. I really don't think it will be Webber. There is so much support for him that if he was to go, the whole thing will become general news viral, instead of being contained within F1 as it is now. It is also quite probable that Webber is more a part of the current success than Vettel from a technical feedback point of view. So it has to be either Horner, Marko, or some other patsy.

    These guys have truned their hand at getting all Machiavellian before they have even managed to make a decent on-track strategy call, and it all looks so silly.
  • Bloody Australi .. Austrians, I mean.
  • This is getting pretty interesting. I might just start cheering for Mark now ;-).
  • See! See! See what I mean!!!

    There it is; even a full bown JossOrange Fanboy switches to Webber.

    I guess things are pretty down in Les Payee Bas right about now, huh?
  • Would love to put in here what the voices in my head are saying, but let's just sit back in the knowledge that Mark took boxhead's "broken old car that wasn't quick enough", and wiped the floor with it.

    Well done Mark. Keep it up.

    As for young boxhead. Go away, grow up and don't believe everything Helmut tells you.....
  • You have voices Henry??

    Me too. Mine say 'I must kill Frank Drebbin'.
  • Originally posted by Lease
    See! See! See what I mean!!!

    There it is; even a full bown JossOrange Fanboy switches to Webber.

    I guess things are pretty down in Les Payee Bas right about now, huh?
    Don't get started. ;) These are depressing times to be Dutch. ;)

    Oh by the way, it would be nice to see Mark pull some brilliant overtaking maneuvers out of the bag every once in a while. If he could just do that I would dress myself in yellow every other Sunday while watching the race.

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    [Edited on 13-7-10 by Stan]
  • I do Wayne, I do. They're a bit different know that I'm no longer in uniform, but they're still there.

    Too many to figure out exactly what they're saying, but the boxhead stuff came through loud and clear.
  • Interesting throwaway comment from Webber from the weekend. It wasn't just the front wing Vettel's side took, it was also my set up.

    Therein lies the problem for RBR. As quick as Vettel can be, Mark's experience in set up shades Vettel's, which is why Vettel has suddenly been back on the pace. Had nothing to do with Luscious Liz or Bend Over Brenda or whatever the stupid git calls his cars. Webber just proved with the right set up, it's a rocket.
  • Well Webber definitely lost round 2. BTW, anyone see Matesich's little comment in regard to the Wing?

    "Normally we are in constant contact by phone. In this case, I was not involved. Unfortunately, this issue was incorectly communicated. Both internally, and in terms of the media."

    Righ there is a double bunger shot across Horner's bows.
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