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Well SV on pole (again)

Heres hoping him and Alonso get a good clean start then duel to the end and wipe each other out due to stupid moves. Each, of course will blame the other, with a proliferation of fingers pointed towards the heavens.


  • Red Bull need to back Webber now. Vettel cannot make up the 25 point gap with only 2 races to go.
    But will they???
  • If they are wise they will.

    But considering Horner's objections towards the way Ferrari prefers Alonso, it would be kind of inconsistent if they will.

    My money is on Alonso for the title. I think Red Bull will screw up again the next two races.

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  • Yes, Alonso now. I think there's a lot to be said for the self-assurance of someone who's seen it all before. I hope Webbo gets it but it seems like the fates are against him. His bad luck has returned but he was given a chink of light when Vettel's engine blew up.
  • You have to ask yourself whether Webber deserves it, and on the strength of that display, he doesn't.

    He qualifies front row and his only real problem is getting off the line and into the third turn before being passed. If he can do that, then he's odds on for 2nd, and if there is a bit of luick he wins. Either way, he must get at least 2nd to be a chance to win the title.

    Comes race day, and his prayers are answered. He gets a rolling strat, which takes away the advantage of his competitors. Both he and Vettel are mudlarks, so he must make sure that he has 2nd locked up and then see what happens with the weather later on. Instead, Vettel gets a bit away from him, so he pushes - game over. What a fuckwit.

    Maybe that's a bit harsh, but there was absolutely no percentage in doing anything but staying where he was. Vettel's engine was a shame, but is also a pointer to why Fred may be in trouble in the last 2 races. Both Vettel and Fred are light on for available trouble-free kilometres, whereas Webber is in a much better position. Another reason why he should be sitting back and letting the other guys push. He can go all heroic later.

    Too late for thinking now though. Now it has to be all of them just going for it as hard as they can zand hoping the hardware holds up.

    It will be interesting now, but I'm not putting my money on Fred. I'd say Vettel, then Fred, then Webber, then Hamilton.
  • In my opinion, even though it looks like Ferdy, the fav is still Mark.
    Mind: in Abu Dhabi, unless mechanical failures happen, or unless they get crazy, it should be an easy Red Bull 1-2. And this time, with Mark in front. Little Seb is out, he cannot take 25 points out of 50 from Ferdy.
    Ferdy will get both times to the finish line, and, at least in Interlagos, he should finish ahead of Hamilton.

    The only wise thing Horner can do, is to order Seb to let Mark through in the first few laps in Abu Dhabi, and protect his shoulders. If Ferdy gets third (but he may have engine problems, and Clewlis may pass him), it would be Ferdy 246-Mark 245, and then it will be all or nothing in Interlagos, with Mark having a new engine and just having to arrive before Ferdy.

    But imagine this scenario: Ferdy gets out in Abu Dhabi. At that point, Seb would be back into the game and would definitely pass Mark (Mark could not risk a collision), and it would become: Mark 238, Seb and Ferdy 231, with both Seb and Ferdy just having to win in Interlagos to get one win more than Mark and be champion. Imagine what could happen!!!!!! And imagine Clewlis managing to stay ahead of Mark, it would be Mark 235, Seb and Ferdy 231, Clewlis 228!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talking about who deserves the title, Lease, I agree that Mark, after a nearly perfect year, showed his pressure and tension just at the wrongest possible moment, when he could have just sat in an easy 2nd and waited for the events (he would have later won and closed the championship!!!). But, on the other end, does Seb deserve it after all the screw-up he made (with Mark in Turkey, with Button in Spa.....)? And does Clewlis deserve it, after all the mistakes he made? And does Ferdy deserve it? He's been perfect from Hockenheim on, but in the first part of the season he was quite dull, if you remember!

    Then, that Ferdy and Clewlis are superchampions, Seb will be, while Mark is just a good driver having his year of grace, like Irvine and Frentzen in 1999, Coulthard in 2001, Montoya in 2003, Massa in 2008 and Button in 2009, is totally another story.......

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  • Good points from the roamin Roman there.

    None of them have had what could be considered a stellar year, but Webber had a job to do, and he just didn't do it.

    Anyone catch Berger's remarks BTW? I really hate that. Berger is one of thosse drivers that I really admire. When he went into the barriers at Tamburello and burst into flames, my heart sank. When he was still trapped in there 30 seconds later, I was convinced he was dead, and felt like a ghoul to be watching. Then he was Ok, and that was great.

    Now he actually accuses Webber of plannikng to take out Alonso once he realised his own race was over. That's sad, and that's a shame from someone who deserves to keep his reputation in higher sesteeem than his comments indicate.
  • Ahh, the Austrians sticking together.

    Webber has been against it all year, the Austrians that is.
    That cuddly moment when Helmut consoled Seb when his engine blew
    really says it all.

    The only way Webber can win this title is to win the next two GP's. Whilst Vettel
    is a mathematical chance Webber wont be given the full team support.

    It's a shame that Webber stuffed up in Korea as he would be hands down favourite had he crossed the finish line.

    I just get the feeling that IF Webber wins the crown he will retire, rather than drive 1 more year in a fractured team.
  • I don't know about that.

    Webber has shown this year that although he can play the corporate boy, he does have a bit of mongrel in him.

    I reckon that come what may, next year he will treat as a year for himself. If he gets away with the WDC this year, then he'll have fun next year. If he doesn't win this year, he'll make RB pay for it next year.

    I think that 2012 is more interesting by far. He has shown that he has an interest in team ownership, and I just wonder at the possibilities.............................
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