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Qualy was fun.

In fact, there was more drama and interest in that, than most races.

Would HRT get a geurnsey? Answer was yes, and Brundle made the point that they still would have made it based on Vettel's Q3 time. Whilst they are still an embarrassment, at least they now have company in the guise of Virginie.

Would Webber get through Q1 after choosing to save a set of softs, and go through on the hards? That in itself was pretty interesting. Last year, the Bulls never needed to use the softs until Q3, but this time, it's a little tighter. How incredibly stupid they would have looked if he had not advanced.

We seem to have a clearer picture on Williams, and dear me, it's bad.

Force India are sliding and one wonders if they are doing a Jordan. A brief dip above the clouds, followed by a slow spiral. Is the money and enthusiasm still really there? Maybe they waiting for Monza?

Toit are uncharacteristically being honest and talking themselves down. Personally, I think that their race pace will keep them in there. Having said that, Alonso just didn't look good. He had to really muscle the car around the track on both the slower, and faster corners.

Q3 was the goods though. That moment when Webber went fastest in the first sector, then Hamilton a smidge faster than that, then we didn't really know how Vettel was going until sector 2. It was gripping stuff.

In the end of course, Vettel showed again that he has the raw speed to beat anybody on just about any day. Webber must have been really pissed off. He was having the kind of weekend that her likes, with everything comming together progressively, then, sorry buddy, not fast enough.

The race is now likely to be an anti-climax with either the rain, or tyre wear choosing the positions. Mind you, we have Hamilton and Vettel heading for a slow corner at the end of a long run, so who knows?


  • quite amazing that the best team on the grid can't get its kers to work
  • Good race, chopping and changing. Kobayashi is good value and the Macca boys did well. Top marks to Heidfeld for the start.
    If you get the BBC feed in your part of the world - I think Brundle and DC are ace, such an improvement on Legard.
  • you know how much I've slagged the guy in the past but I do agree: DC is doing a sterling job
  • Yes, I believe this is DC's year. Finally!

    Anyhoo, with the tyres from Pirelli do we really need KERS and DRS. They are just another element that can go wrong and falsely penalise a driver
    through no fault of his own. Dump KERS and DRS, keep the tyres and bring back manual gearboxes.

    I think we are overly complicating the sport. Bernie wants rain every race. He's an idiot, but he has a point.
    Variable traction levels during the course of the race seems to be working and this is because of pit strategy, set up and knowing when to push.

    It was a good race and really highlights the performance gap between RB and Macca to the rest.

    I really thought TOIT would be quicker.
    Merc are pretty much the same as last year.
    Williams are no where.
    Torro Rosso need better drivers.
    Renault are really shining but really need Kubicza back.
    Sauber are competitive and its good to see.

    Macca are just not fast enough on the long runs.
    KERS could be RB achilles. Just ask Mark. Second race without it and gets swamped.

    China should be much of the same. Can't wait.
  • glad for nick the quick, what a start.
    i've been missing you, guys:)
  • Ciao - where the Hell have you been, launching airstrikes on Gaddafi?!
  • No, Simon, he'd been busy with certain parties in Northern Italy, much more interesting than posting on our forum. You've heard about the bungabunga, right?
  • Quite distasteful.

    Personally, I insist on them being at least within sight of their eighteenth birthdfay.
  • It's probably going to be a Macca dominion, which may take Macca on the right side to run away. And I'm ready to bet Clewlis, once the car is competitive and able to motivate him, will take the upper hand over Jense.
    He should better do it, and asap, otherwise he risks his position in the team to be put under discussion.

    But I still think that, in a title-winning Macca, the drivers' title would go to Clewlis rather than to Jense.

    Looking forward to a great race on Sunday, with Pirelli tyres apparently having a terrible degradation with the high temps of this track!!! Missed the Melbourne race, but am curious to see if merc and Lotus confirm their speed, and to see Kimi starting from a proper position!!
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