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Vettel -v- Webber

There can be little doubt now that 'smiley' Seb is the heir of Senna and Schumi. This means titles and riches beyond our wildest dreams but it also means the achievement is tarnished.

What I hope happens post-Sepang is that Mark unplugs his earphones and goes all out, every race to beat Vettel. This is his last, best hope of winning the title.

Macca don't look too shabby now but it is very hard to see where this is heading. Will Lotus be good on the fiddly stuff but not elsewhere? TOIT? Merc? I do think Horner has a point about the tyres: if they are having to run 5" off optimum then that can't be right. Formula '1' has to mean something.

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  • Five inches off optimum????

    Point made though. Already provided my thoughts on the race thread, but you put it in fewer words. In fact, in even fewer words, it is the tyres that are mandating the team orders.

    Oh, and Vettel is a tosser (good steerer though)..
  • I never view the 'gambling' thread. Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar.
  • Well I'm heartily sorry to hear it.

    Must make it terribly hard to read emails and distribution statements from you publisher then.
  • Just love how everyone put in their 2 cents on this topic. Especially the germanic types. "What do you expect, Vettel is a racer". NO, he is a ponce that believes he has the right to win at any cost! Hang on, I recall another German...
  • 2 cents! Who in their right mind would commit the entire net worth of Cyprus on such an issue?!

    Some Kraut-bashing anyone??

    Actually, I notice that the issue has become somewhat drawn along lines of nationality in the press and forums. In particular, the rabid Webbger fanboys point to True Aussie Grit (lets leave that expression be for the moment), and the English tut-tutting over the done thing old boy, seem to be lining up against the Germans, and other Euros.

    What a farce. At the end of the day, and at best, this issue is a page-filler, and very neatly timed for the three-week gap to the next GP.

    If it has any ramifications at all, these are surely to underline that the servile #2 driver philosophy is what it is, an admission that a particular driver has no place in the top ranks. For this, I praise Webber. It also shows that to get to the very top of the ladder, you need to use people as rungs (now isn't that a new concept?). Sport no different than life. It becomes the burden of the champion to reflect in the twilight years as to the worth of the goal, against its cost.
  • And what was your conclusion?
  • ..............that I am becoming a cranky old fart, whose thoughts sometimes wander to the point that he forgets to come to a concl...................squirrel!!!!
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