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RIP Marussia

Top bunch totally shafted by the budget cap which never was. F1 will never learn. Institutionally daft.


  • I'm very sorry for Marussia, especially looking back to Bianchis Accident and the ninth place they scored in Monaco.

    Anyway, we all can help that atleast Caterham makes the grid in Abu Dhabi and beyond:


    This is crowdfounding and you can get some nice presents depending on what you donate.

    I know it's a small forum but I think it's a good idea.
    At this moment there's about a week left and they reached 7% within just a few hours.

    I'm thinking about to get the t-shirt...

    [Bearbeitet am 7-11-14 von DONTSTOP]
  • Update: I think the chances are really well that we will see Caterham on the final race. I just donated enough for the "Special Edition T-Shrit" and between this two postings the achieved amount has almost doubled (currently about 12%).

    Still 88% to go...hopefully, there will be 20 cars on the grid again soon. I 'm really not happy with the three-car-per-team-idea so far. Would be just an option if another team drops?

    Ironically, Caterham will than be 9th or 10th of the final championship which will give them some big money for the next season. I'm a bit surprised Marussia did not have such an idea as well. You can even meet the drivers or "buy" original teamware straight from the team.
  • Big shame about Marussia, hope a good amount of the staff get picked up by other teams.

    Caterham's crowd funding sounds like a good idea, and a neat way to get some memorabilia, to get to the last race at least but overall I would be surprised if they make it into new season even with the 9th or 10th place money. Good luck to them though!
  • I'm donating to Caterham too. (Seriously) Great Idea.
    When I win Lotto tonight - I'll pay for sponsorship package as well, and the hospitality tent :)
  • 21% - I'm thinking about to make a little promo-video for this on youtube since there hasn't been one yet. With a few youtubers or other f1-related sites I tink they'll make it.
    Clock is ticking...
  • Remarkable effort, though I'm not sure it sends the right message. You remember a site called saveminardi.com which tried to do a similar thing? It put the team in quite an awkward place. This I understand is an official attempt, however.

    But what is the point of them only getting to one race?

    $2 million also strikes me as a high price for a single race
  • If they make the race and have their application in to race next year, don't they then get the prize money. Which in their case is $54 million. For Marussia it is $10 Million.
  • Good news: It was official confirmed that Caterham will be back at Abu Dhabi. Right now they have reached "only" about 80%. But they changed it so 100% have to be reached until the sunday on which the race will take place. They'll be there anyway with four drivers.

    It really helped, no matter what Christian Horner or the Lotus-guy said. Chances are also good to see them on the grid (probably under an new name) next season because that way the really achived some big interessent for possible buyers of the team.
  • On Caterham: after reading the article below, I am very happy that I didn't donate. They don't deserve a penny.

  • And instead Marussia, named Manor, will be there!! :-) Very happy for the guys, they are not a bad team for the money they have!!
  • Apparently Will Stevens will be in one of their cars. I really wonder who their other driver will be.
  • Not a bad team at all Manlio, back based in Sheffield as well, even saw the cars back at the original factory when I passed at the weekend. As to who the second driver will be, who knows?
  • Didn't Force India exercise a veto on Manor?
  • Correct Viges, but that was just blocking them from using their 2014 car. So they modified to 2014 to fit in with the 2015 rules and will launch a proper 2015 design at some point.

    Minardirule looks as though the new driver is Roberto Merhi, did a few Fridays for Caterham last season, though he looks low on funds and is only in for a few rounds. Look for another pay driver for this slot in the near future.
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