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Whatever happened to Paul Stoddart?

It was one of those moments just after lunch when a thought crept into my mind: Whatever happened to Paul Stoddart?
Heading to Wikipedia I realised that both European Aviation and Ozjet are no more (and have been sold or went bust ages ago, not long after he sold on Minardi).

Do you Aussies have any indication what happened to him? He'll be 60 this year, which is a tad early to retire.


  • It's been bout a year when I read the last quote of him on motorsport-total.com where he spoke about the chances of Ricciardo vs Vettel at RedBull (looking forward to the 2014 season).
  • Stoddie still gets around with the two seaters, taking them to various events. Tried to catch up with him over the weekend but was unable to.
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