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F1 2017 thread

Seems like the cars are a second and a half faster than last year. Rosberg's pole time in 2016 would have put you on 6th spot. That also shows you that the gap with the leading cars is huge. Bottas needs to get his ass in gear with mucha urgencia. They won't allow him to be beaten by Vettel for much longer. Both Toro Rosso in Q3, that is really solid. McLaren is doing even worse than last year. When will the millions dry up? BTW is one allowed to giggle if a guy named "Lance Stroll" qualifies in the last row?


  • The cars look fantastic in the flesh. TV doesn't do them justice.
  • Forza Toit...
  • looks like we have ourselves a championship
  • Well, let's hope we do. Australia did not seem particularly representative, and one wonders what is really happening. Certainly, TOIT appears to be right in there, though Clewlis was having a big whinge about tyres, and the Merc package overall seemed to have the edge. Red Bull a major disappointment, and their press clippings are all about hope over substance.

    Is it me, or is this grid a bit all over the place with regard to steering talent? Kimi can drive, we know that. But he also only 'drives' when he feels like it. This is surely the last year. I get a sense that both he and Massa are there for the paycheque. On paper there is some good stuff there. Sainz, Alonso, Vettel, Clewlis, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Grosjean, etc. But then there is Lance Droll and the two pay drivers above, Magnussen, Palmer, Ocon, who don't appear to be embarassed with a surfeit of skill, and the rest are perennial 'middle of the roaders'.

    Let us hope that the likes of Red Bull and Williams can get into the game to make life a little interesting. Otherwise we will end up avidly watching HAAS and Force India to find a battle of any real sort.
  • Cars look great ++ China had some great, non-flappy wing moves.
    Martin Brundle thinks this is because aero is so disturbed on the long straights and drivers are being forced to make the move somewhere else.
    China more representative - we have a battle on our hands. Yum yum.
  • I loved it how the sparks were flying in Bahrain, took me back to the 90s ;-)
  • Palmer apparently on the way out. Glock doing race seat fitting for Renault.

    Guys, sensation is the little German and TOIT are up for the title this year, despite badly losing to Bottas a race they should have won.
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