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  • So if Bahrein is cancelled you'll be at Imola manlio?
  • Okay the shirts have arrived, who's ordered one might as well pay for it now (rjbartunek[at]aon.at being the paypal address)

    do remind me of the size again
  • Whats the price again? Dont bother posting mine RJ I can collect off you in Imola if you like.
  • they're 20 euros (that's shipped)

    send me an email so i take the right size with me (and don't forget to)
  • Sorted you should have got confirmation of payment for 2 x large.

    [Edited on 10/3/2005 by Ger]
  • T-Shirt money sent.
  • FM are there any more Mediums por Larges still available? Does anyone know if there is a large difference between US and Euro Medium/Large sizing?
  • My paypal is now working properly, any other way to pay RJ? Else I'll try ti fix it out ASAP :spank:
  • if you trust your mail try and send it cash?
    has worked every time until now but there is always a but

    M still available XXL still available, L is more or less sold out if everyone who told me he wants one, actually wants it :hehe:

  • OK, gimme yer adress or else your bank account number through private mail amigo.
    Bloody Paypal it helluva work to make it work with argie visas :spank: :spank: :spank:
  • bank account should be too expensive for a 20 euro shirt i guess, will send you my address

  • Quote:

    M still available XXL still available, L is more or less sold out


    Fat bastards!:hehe:
  • we can't be all as sporty as you are:hehe:
  • I forgot RJ - XL still available? Are they running small again this time around - or was it that I am a fat bastard?

    What size fits you RJ as we are roughly the same height/weight?
  • actually I ordered an XXL for you as the XL seems a bit tight on the pic with alex (you did some more push ups than I did I guess)
  • Cool - push ups or wine glass lifting I'm not sure ....
  • telstar and ger, your shirts have been posted
  • Got the shirts today RJ thanks!
  • good stuff... any other takers :rolleyes:
  • I keep forgetting - $20 for the shirt or are the XXL's more money?
  • same price, but you already have one, no?
  • Not an xxl. The L is tight - especially in light of how awesomely muscular I am.
  • Got my shirt today. Damn suprised it only took 6 days from Austria. The fastest thing I have ever recieved from Europe. Thanks.
  • ^Then send a picture. :spank:

    RJ I don't trust argie mail enough, fighting to get f***in Paypal activated with my third wolrd Visa:spank: :mad: :(
  • You OK to bring my order to Imola RJ?
  • that's 2 xxl and an m for women?
  • ...and an m for women?
    Matt can't have a shirt if he's not going to bother posting!
  • that's 2 xxl and an m for women?
    That's it RJ. Thanks
  • 1 XL
    1 L (fem)

    what about kids sizes? I got my son a TOIT shirt (oh, god forbid!! eh Quig) but I seem to always miss the boat on getting anyting Minardi but a MCSF hat
  • Are you MY Bernie, Bernie?
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