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  • 1) Hamilton 2) Alonso 3) Raikkonen 4) Massa 5) Heidfeld 6) Kovalainen 7) Kubica 8) Webber
  • I'm late here, but Robby Gordon lost $4.5 million because of the cancellation, which is probably a little more than most teams since he's based in the US, but not by that much. The organizers can probably recover from that 26 million pounds easier t…
  • I really want Obama to win. I don't like Clinton at all, and I would prefer a Democrat. As far as Republicans go, I would be fine with McCain or Giuliani, and while I disagree with almost every political thing Huckabee says, I like his personality a…
  • I want Alonso to win. Sure, he's been a bit (a lot) of a whiner this season, and he's seemingly tried to bring the entire team down, but coming from the situation he was used to at Renault to being teammates with Hamilton at McLaren, it almost makes…
  • I'll assume that there's still time left and post mine: As a relative newcomer to F1, I only started watching in 2003, I can't claim to love the team for the early years. With no American drivers, there was no logical team or driver for me to like,…
    in The Book Comment by Rekart July 2007
  • I think the difference is pretty massive. I'm not sure how it doesn't "look like new ground." [Edited on 27-1-0707 by Rekart]
  • Their cars, aerodynamically speaking, never look completely up-to-date. They still appear way too square to me.
  • It was on OLN last season, I was disappointed when they didn't renew for this season. It's about time Speed picked it up.
  • Now the rumor is that Hakkinen is going to our dear old friends at STR. Neither Liuzzi or Speed deserve to be dumped after last season though, and I can't see Mika making that decision.
  • Damn politics. Go to the best tracks, not the ones with the most hospitality tents. And Turkey is one of the best new tracks anywhere, if they lose their date because the FIA wasn't paying attention to who was GIVING OUT the trophy, that's pathetic.
  • I love Spa. Anyway, I think Imola will be back on, and I seriously hope Suzuka will be. I also love Suzuka (but not as much as Spa.)
  • The teams generally have their own "push to pass" button installed in the car.
    in Turkish GP Comment by Rekart August 2006
  • Two first time winners in two races, and both are deserving. I really hope Massa keeps his Ferrari drive next season, although it seems unlikely, because he's done a very good job.
    in Turkish GP Comment by Rekart August 2006
  • Well, Red Bull pays extremely well anyway. It's not like he's the only person to leave to go to one of the Red Bull teams, and it's not like they took everyone out of Williams. All the teams have lost personnel to Red Bull. Sure, Williams is in som…
  • I'd prefer an Albers-Verstappen lineup, and I actually don't think Doornbos-Albers would work very well, they don't like each other much, and Albers said specifically that Doornbos didn't help with development at all last season. Drivers don't need …
    in Dutch team Comment by Rekart August 2006
  • If it is indeed Schumi and Kimi in 2007, then the question becomes: Who will win?
    in Then What? Comment by Rekart August 2006
  • The moderator was just "Minardi Moderator," but I have no idea who it was. He only seemed to come around once every 6 months or so, although he claimed otherwise. Whenever he did, I got in an argument with him. Usually over my language :D.
  • Originally posted by Telstar Not to mention you could say things here you would never get away with saying there. Ehh, that's arguable, the moderator was basically nonexistent there for the most part. Although I managed to get in a few arguments wit…
  • The official forums were better, yes. Part of it is that's where I first went, I'm sure, but I still get along with some of the old members there, who are now members of my site. For that matter, most of the members of my website are from the offici…
  • It's not the SAME Minardi, no. Am I inclined to like them over the rest of the teams in the series? Sure, but I don't really care about the series as a whole, and therefore, I don't really care about the team either. [Edited on 16-8-0606 by Rekart]
  • I see why all the good members of the old official (and entirely superior) Minardi forums won't come here (excluding MCSF.) And I remember why I avoided it for three years. For the record, Ger, you're a member at my website's forum. Good job. Actua…
  • Did anyone read what I said? Stop fucking arguing over this. No one has said anything new in a page.
  • I deleted the post I had originally made in this place. Here are the good, yet not argumentative, parts: "1) The reason it seems to you that Minardi fans are different is exactly what I said earlier. You don't have your fair-weather fans or your ba…
  • Oh yeah, how could I forget that.
  • Minardi fans AREN'T a special breed though, they're just real fans. The difference between Minardi fans and fans of some other teams is that there are no bandwagoners here. Ferrari has fans that love their team just as much as we do (or did, whateve…
  • This isn't the same team as the F1 team. I liked the F1 team, not the F3000 team. I don't know enough about them to care, and I'll admit that if I can't watch the races, I'm not all that interested. If they move to a series I can watch on TV, I'll f…
  • Originally posted by Ger [quote]Originally posted by Minardus Right before Rumi: was that when Briatore was in charge??? Thats what I was thinking. Or is this a dig at GCM? [/quote] I think he does mean when GCM was in charge, but I don't think …
  • I love the podium. No sight of Renault or Ferrari is always a good thing.
    in Hungary Comment by Rekart August 2006
  • Well, until now they've been interfering with Renault's chances to win, so it's good to say some payback.
  • Maybe Massa can win his first race this week.