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  • Tengku Mahaleel at Proton is history already. No chance of F1 for Proton/ Lotus.
    in Lotus Comment by KLman July 2005
  • Reconito!!!!
    in *Sniff* Comment by KLman May 2005
  • Actually in Malaysia many years back, there's a bad racing accident in Shah Alam Racing Circuit where the car smashed into the chain link fencing killing some spectators including children as it is too near the track. It is never too safe. Anything…
  • Right now, we do not need any cosmetics to make us look good. Plastics can come in later. What we desperately need is $$$ and performace input.
  • Great proposals!!!!! And just asnwer these simple questions. Where is the money?? It's easy to talk about this and that and what you should or should not have done. Where is the funding required to do it?? PS put his hand into his pocket and saved…
  • Bravo, Lease. Right between the eyes. It's the real world out there. PS is just trying to juggle along between $$$, experience, talent and hopefully getting more exposure to lanch some catch to chug further. Lets have creative criticisms and not ju…
  • Chinese saying: NO FACE to be in a race that lasted only inches of a 62 lap race. :hehe:
  • Let's hope that this ex Minardi driver is "out of his depths" which is a famous quote from him. Sometimes it is better to work quietly and get the results like Kimi or Heifield and stop blaming everything else. To be in a Williams car and be over …
    in Webber Comment by KLman May 2005
  • Newspaper reports from KL that Sepang is proposing to FIA be the opener.
  • The biggest challenge is himself. He is just too impatient to try to get to the podiums and along the way he makes the mistakes. He shld take his time and drive like Hefield who just wait and sieze any opportunities when it comes along.
  • After a while you will see the difference in postings....old and the punks.
  • Errrr.........old man getting senile... I must be nuts to be in this forum..but what the heck.. you dun do this often.:rolleyes:
  • Let's hope someone is watching from above.
  • Bernie, wise men thinks alike.;) but in the real world, like what Lease said, men with hand in pocket feel cocky everytime. It is the deep pockets that counts. Theories may not work at all. But the thought process is good. Old guys like myself had …
  • Yeah yeah....first post and i got support!!! Did you have a mba in marketing???:hehe: Seriously, I think someone got lost in the survival jungle.
  • Lease, Cat cons are the hot stuffs. :D Great to see and hello to all of you around. Hopefully no more brickbats thrown at me. :hehe:
  • Is the poor finishing at San Marino really the fault of the car or rather upon the instructions of trying out the cars in the first place? If the car last the race, then fine. If not, it is a good way to save money to have the race as well as a real…
  • Webber is too impatient to get his podium. As the season progress, I suspect he is going not going to go anywhere near the podium. The other comeback teams are just too strong upfront. Viges, you are right. Only the good people support this site. E…