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  • the F1x2 will also be driven during the Australian GP. Thursday (11:00-11:20) and Saturday (15:10-15:30).
  • The team will be officially announced in a special show on Speed TV on February 24 at 13:00 EST
  • I received my copy today. Congratulation to Viges for his great work.
    in The Book Comment by Joblo May 2008
  • 1st : Lewis Hamilton 2nd : Kimi Raikkonen 3rd : Fernando Alonso 4th : Nick Heidfeld 5th : Felipe Massa 6th : Robert Kubica 7th : Heikki Kovalainen 8th : Nico Rosberg [Edited on 30-1-2008 by Joblo]
  • to see my personnal pictures of Kubica crash: here
    in Canada GP Comment by Joblo June 2007
  • Paul Stoddart driving the PS04B during the last Minardi test (november 24) You see that Lost Boys & LBicon are still on the car
  • 01-Kimi Raikkonen 02-Fernando Alonso 03-Felipe Massa 04-Nick Heidfeld 05-Lewis Hamilton 06-Giancarlo Fisichella 07-Robert Kubica 08-Jenson Button 09-Ralf Schumacher 10-Heikki Kovalainen 11-Rubens Barrichello 12-Jarno Trulli 13-Mark Webber 14-Nico Ro…
  • Some of the Minardi Junior Team over the year. -BVM Racing - F.Renault 2000 since 2001 & F.Renault Monza since 2002 -Sighinolfi Autoracing - Euro 3000 in 2001 & 02 -Minardi F3 Team(Adrian Campos Motorsport) - Spanish F3 Championship in 2004…
  • Pictures in 1979 when he drives for Giancarlo Minardi Scuderia Everest Team" border="0" />" border="0…
  • I have some pictures from Canadian GP. Most of the PS05 pictures are on page 3 and 4
  • the series website is: and the team website is:
  • No
  • ''the Vallelunga test was a commitment agreed to by Minardi some months back, well before the approach by Red Bull to purchase the team. Subsequently, the new owners agreed that the test could go ahead, and would be managed by the current Minardi i…
  • You can see the pictures here:
  • GCM was in Spain, we saw him on pit wall during the race
  • Homer, I have the picture, you are looking for, give me your e-mail, and I will send it to you
    in Searching... Comment by Joblo May 2005
  • ''From - Minardi Magazine, Anno IX, N.1, Maggio 1998'' ''The symbols of the earlier logo - the heraldic griffon complete with crown and sword'' ''Thus the body of the lion - signifying strength, the crown - a symbol of power, and the sword - an une…
  • ''Sempre Minardi'' was a magazine produced by the West Lavington (UK) Association of Minardi Enthusiasts. The magazine was produced in color and distributed free of charge.
  • At the start of 1995 Tadashi Sasaki, the team manager of Minardi, joined Dome and that autumn the company announced its plan to enter F1. Akiyoshi Uko designed the Dome F105 and Sasaki organized a deal for Dome to buy the Minardi semi-automatic gear…
  • You could find all these info at this adress: the site is in french, but really interesting. Click on ''Carrière'' and you will have bio of the majority of F1 engineers classified by alphabetical order or by year.
  • give me you're e-mail, and I will send you the pictures I have from that year.