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  • "while the running of the race team will be handed over to Massimo Rivola, who has been recruited from Scuderia Toro Rosso. He will look after the logistics, the running of the team at the circuits and the rules."
  • Congratulations Simon, looks like you've made the big time! Hi to all you chaps, it's been awhile. :)
    in The Book Comment by MinardiP1 June 2008
  • ^ the above was me, sorry.
  • In the build-up to the Monaco GP on ITV they were interviewing Lewis Hamilton and, when asked about turn 1 on the first lap he commented that he was better off at the front and away from "the monkeys at the back". A bit much for someone who's just …
  • He got me right offside very early on RJ when he referred to 'backmarkers' (actually people only marginally slower than him) as 'monkeys'. Huh?? He got his dose of karma in the last 2 races, it was due after that comment, and the Japanese race.
  • Definitely deserves it more than Alonso, and a LOT more than Hamilton... the tool. Congrats to Kimi!!
  • Why not Team Curry Muncher F1?
  • Just on James Allen's commentary.... did you hear the eminently noticable change in his tone to outright depression when it became apparent to him that barring a miracle, Hamilton wasn't going to win? Suddenly he couldn't mustur any enthusiasm. I…
  • Originally posted by vigesIs the Australian media unbiased? With F1? Definitely. Any F1 report in any media down here consists of First, Second, Third, any major race incidents.... and that Mark Webber DNF'ed. Never mind that he was second in Jap…
  • Love him to be taken out by Kazuki Nakajima, Fred to get a technical failure, and Kimi to storm to the win and the WDC.
  • Not everyone gets spoon fed a McLaren, viges. Let's see him try and achieve similar results with a lesser car.
  • unfortunately.
  • Scuderia Toro Marlboro. ;)
  • me
  • I doubt Red Bull Technology will let a deal like that happen, 'roo. Geoff Willis is an RBT employee (as opposed to an RBR or STR employee) and thus he works for both teams in many ways. I think the collective brains at RBR and STR quite like the i…
  • Would the Sun have offered the same vitriolic editorial if the driver being accused wasn't one L. Hamilton? Come now viges, you are living in Lulu-land, don't tell me it doesn't cloud the judgment. ;)
  • Poor decision from the FIA, how they could have come to that decision after viewing the additional fan footage (which incidentally, FOM had removed from You Tube... so they also control fan footage now?) is beyond me.... Webber had every right to ma…
  • Originally posted by viges P1, I haven't read any race reports. Was Lewis blaming Webber for that? I don't get it. I can't see Lewis did anything wrong but I am, of course, incredibly biased ... Yes, he intimated in the post race press conference th…
  • re car advantage Lease: it's also interesting to see the cream rise to the top on a day like that. Hamilton, Webber, Vettel, Kimi, Button. Webber set 3rd fastest race lap I might point out, only behind the McLarens (one of which didn't have to dea…
  • Webber was robbed. And he's been robbed an awful lot in F1. As for Hamilton trying to partly blame Webber for the accident, well.... pot, kettle, black matey. It's a bitch when there's more than one camera shooting it in today's day and age.
  • Haven't played this game for awhile but i'm here now so I may as well. Pole: Alonso 1st: Alonso 2nd: Kimi 3rd: Lulu the prat. 4th: Kovy 1st DNF: Button Top ex Minardi: a pissed off Webber
  • funny thing is that you guys assume anyone in Australia actually cares.... i'm thrilled Australia lost as it hopefully means a return to normal timeslots for F1 instead of repeats 10 hours after the event.
  • Originally posted by viges In the Telegraph. Funny that no other media i've come across has quoted this.... hell, you don't think the British media could be biased and making up stories, do you?! God No! [Edited on 21-9-07 by MinardiP1]
  • Originally posted by Petroltorque After reading of Alonso's attempt to blackmail Dennis into giving him lead status I feel the interest of the championsip is best served if Hamilton became WDC. I think in the best interests of the Championship both …
  • only because you rate Liuzzi.... ;) I think Vettel will be a substantial upgrade for STR, but not Bourdais.
  • Webber and Sato are always good bets.;)
  • 'bout time too. Hopefully Liuzzi gets a firecracker up his arse now.
  • I hope for Narain or Marc.
  • Ok, let's add swahili and norwegian forums then if you're doing the United Nations thing.
  • exactly. do we need Italian, and especially Spanish, forums?