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  • yea i got it . well it can be any file type qt or mpeg divx in the notes in the torrent he can put what type of file it is
  • a torrent is a file that is zipped up and is downloaded using bitcomet much like how nappseter workes. a peer to peer file transfer program you can go here and see how it works very popular medium used to up load movies t…
  • or perhaps make it as a torrent and we can download it i got alot of f1 races from the uk on torrent files, i know i get speedvision. but it is good to get in from another country to see how they show the race and get footage that sv doent get or …
  • i do 1/3 the work and get paid more then all of them combined i just got to take a pic of this!~
  • lol thats me at the number 2 spot in sunny san diego G$