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  • Who's No 1 driver in Ferrari then? Kimi wouldn't mind letting MS past, would he ?? :) Dr Spin
  • CFD vs Wind Tunnel? The results from CFD depend on the quality of the model, with all the car's fittings accurately modelled, and then the actual simulations of speed downforce and the rest which you would also do with the wind tunnel anyway. It's…
  • Only 6? Telstar? I can recall a few exciting times from age 6. Of course that was back in the days before TV, before jets, and when records were 78s. I remember my Dad bringing home a new "ivory" colored FX early model GM Holden. Actually I was …
  • Twenty years ago! What a thought? I was still living .... let me start that again, I was still living in Sydney and driving an MX6 and hadn't met Viges, who was still a young journo and racing enthusiast. RJ's voice was just breaking, and he had…
  • Yep,it's a hard life Roo. We needed 70 people here to help us through the New Year and all the beer and food and we still had lots left over. Now I've got to go down to Byron Bay, Brisbane and Melbourne to help my Aussie mates and family there to …
  • That's scary Oz! ...for us. Will you adapt? Do you have someone to give you orders? Simon, I heard that went to see Cela Trams, and you obviously discovered her secret relationship to the bushy tailed possum. Spin
  • Hi Forza, You got the 'flu but I got chikungunya the latest mosquito borne virus going round the world. It completely knocks all your strength for a few days with aching joints and a rash. Anyway we're over it and looking forward to staying healt…
  • Happy New Year all! 2008 did bring a win for Toro Rosso and our former Minardi team members. ...and a new President elect for the USA. Still the bad things continue, too much war, too little tolerance for the differences which make our species sp…
  • RJ, Most of us were disappointed in the Toro Rosso complete make-over and loss of the Minardi name. But listening to the commentaries and comments in the paddock, the Minardi name and spirit has lived on through TR. Now that they have achieved wh…
  • Faannntaastic! Well done guys. Brilliant drive Vettel! We always knew the team could do it. Enjoy! Dr Spin
  • the Gabby Logan show? 'fraid I've never heard of it. Here in malaysia, it must be censored. Still you could make it famous internationally Viges.
  • I'm not impressed. It sounds like the GOP can't get out of the Bush mould. All opinion and know idea of how little they really understand. Sarah Palin may have abilities, but she needs quite a few years learning about the big diverse world that…
  • Welcome Chris, This used to be a very active forum and might get a new lease of life after Monza. Actually guys, I'm off to Italy on Friday for a 9 day holiday. Cheers all,
    in Hiya Comment by Dr_Spin September 2008
  • Well done Viges. The world needs more people, but remember not too many! Spin
  • Have a great year all! Mrs Spin and I had a fairly hectic 2007, after starting the new job, renovating the house, generally keeping fit dodging tigers, pythons and wild boar, amusing the two local grandkids, and following the F1 and A1. However, o…
  • You can check out anytime, but .... ... you know the rest. Don't leave, RJ. Did you check if the plane still had its wheels? Spin. BTW before you leave that fine city did you ever hear again from MinardiFan, antistoddie or whatever his name was…
  • Sarrazin (ex-Minardi), Yoong (ex-Minardi), Brabham (Aussie), Racing for Holland (Dutch Connection) .... I'm torn with conflicting loyalties. Guess I'll just go with Alex for a top eight finish this time. Just over 30 minutes to go!
    in Le Mans Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • Team Peugeot #7 retires (Gene, Minassian, and Villeneuve). Charouz now 8th and cars spreadout driving more cautiously to finish.
    in Le Mans Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • Update on Audi 2 from the Le Mans website: Audi PR has issued an official statement regarding the exit of the left rear wheel of the No.2 R10 TDI: “The wheel nut was not loose due to a pit problem. What caused the rear wheel to leave the car can on…
    in Le Mans Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • Charouz now up to 11 with Alex back at the wheel. A Jacques Villeneuve (Marc Gene's co driver) in 2nd in the Peugeot chasing the sole Audi. Audi's wheel problem though to be the result of dropping the car off the jacks before the wheel nut was on …
    in Le Mans Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • Charouz started OK with Alex for the first few hours holding 6th position. A few incidents including a fire in the pits and a serious tyre blowout with Jan Charouz immediately later hitting his own tyre carcass after going off the track have lost …
    in Le Mans Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • No! the other! Do I have to spell it out for a Dutchie?
    in Le Mans Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • Yoong and Lammers were third in the LMP1 last year. Alex also finished 2nd in each of his last 2 races in Valencia last month and Prague last week. I'll be supporting Alex (surprise!) and the other former Minardi drivers of course. Guys, I've got…
    in Le Mans Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • It was a very sad day in our house. My wife Jo had escorted Ayrton around KL and even driven with him around the race track. Young Alex and Pipa had lost their hero. It was a stunned silence for us all that lasted a long time. His picture still …
  • Hope you're talking about our computer! ....and not that important part of your anatomy. :)
    in Lease Loose Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • who could forget that?
    in Lease Loose Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • ..and why can't they write English? Spin
    in Lease Loose Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • Why can't the English speak English? Spin
    in Lease Loose Comment by Dr_Spin June 2007
  • What? Not going via KL? Thought you had Butterworth background? Is there something going on between you and Viges? Spin
  • Alex wins the Sprint for Malaysia. Britain 2nd Australia 3rd Sth Africa 4th USA 5th China 6th Spin