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  • How are you R-J? Still burning the candle at both ends?
  • Fantastic - I have my fingers permanently crossed till the end of the race! Luca has always been my favourite driver Also - hi everyone! I haven't been on this board in about 4 years!
  • Well, good. Probably should have been more severe, but justice is served just the same.
  • WHAT A DICK!!! Schumacher better have his time stripped and get sent to the back of the grid. That was definitely intentional. I sooo hope alonso kicks his a$$ this year.
  • No comment on Luca Badoer at the opening ceremony? That was way cool, but probably not for the atheletes 10 metres away
    in F1 on ice Comment by xiola February 2006
  • Mike, my buddy who wrote this is one of those people thriving out in Brithish Columbia onthe oil sands wealth tha is making the BC Province money hand over fist now that it is cost effective to get the oil out of the sand. I listened to a talk rad…
  • ... and a follow up to Malio's question - Why don't they give the ride to Luca Badoer for 1 season???!!!!! Surely he's earned it, and he is just as quick as Massa....!!!!!!!!! The injustice continues. I'll never cheer for the scarlet team.
  • DST - You are absolutely right regarding the magnitude of this issue. Not everyone is going to be left standing at the end of this, I am sure Max will be gone - and rightly so - but I also worry Paul will be fodder for the other teams when things…
  • Let me clarify my position. I don't disagree with Stoddart's view, but the way he is stating it. He is personally attacking Mosley and Todt in an open forum. If he does this behind closed doors, directly to them and with the other teams present…
  • Bad call. I hate when Stoddart does this sort of thing. It is not Minardi's fight - yet he insists on using this event to go after Mosley. He airs all the dirty laundry for everyone to see, it's just bad business. The other team priincipals wil…
  • Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the Wednesday night karting event, but I will be there Fri-Sat-Sun and hopefully will get some good pics! It's been stinkin' hot here the last week or so. and supposed to be the same for the race, with a cha…
    in Canada Comment by xiola June 2005
  • According to MCM, the Karting is on for Wednesday, and they say Albers and Friesacher are included! I am trying to arrange a trip out Wednesday evening to check it out
    in Canadian GP Comment by xiola June 2005
  • judging from the times, also looks like MS doesn't care anymore. and what's happening to Fisi? This isn't like him..
    in Nurburg race Comment by xiola May 2005
  • another good race, felt bad for Raikk, but it made it interesting didn't it? And there's 2 reasons to celebrate coming up: 1. Minardis in Montreal next race, where they always run strong, and 2. I'm going to be there!!! :P
    in Nurburg race Comment by xiola May 2005
  • Impressive: Raikkonen, Alonso, most of all Trulli Not impressive: JPM, webber, Schu, most of all Villeneuve (breaks my heart to say it, but he shouldn't be there anymore)
  • Another good race! PS05 is improving, and I love the tyre rule. Makes the end of the race almost always exciting
  • Wow, that's harsh. BAR misses Monaco, the greatest race of the year. Too much of a penalty, in my opinion. Good for Trulli to get extra points though. Still the dark horse for the championship
  • Best race in years! Alonso is the man - cool under pressure. And McL & Honda are coming up quick, there's going to be lots of different winners this year, I think
  • They didn't have anything on SpeedTV coverage either. Hopefully tomorrow they'll catch up with the boys!
  • Remember... If they don't have all the latest gearbox components, they may not be running the latest aero diffuser either (see TOIT redesign). Since most of the downforce is from underneath the car these days, this could make a huge difference. …
    in Qualifying Comment by xiola April 2005
  • and the fact that CA only drove 1 lap in the 2nd pratice is'nt positive either :( whick is precisely why the time gap is irrelevant. Lets wait for qualifying and race pace for a time comparison.
  • I'll say it again, good job to Jello and all the "live Update" crew! Are your giving us updates from the pits for practice tomorrow?? (once again planning my workday around F1) :P :P :P
  • Sheesh... And I used to get confused between Clown and Jello on this forum, telling them apart... One from Aus and one from SF, no? Isn't that the same thing? Am I insulting both of them if I keep this up? /still can't tell them apart //snic…
  • Very well done, to the whole crew! I suppose all the secretive nature was because of Cosworth, no? Did they allow any pics in the factory at all? MCSF did look particularly In-Charge, Did you address Mr. Minardi in Italian?
  • What about the factory tour??? More details and pics!!! Don't leave us hanging like this!!! (reminds me of my first GF, the little ****tease that she was....:mad: ) [Edited on 20/4/2005 by xiola]
  • Maybe they got sidetracked and met the new pope! :o
    in GOOD LUCK Comment by xiola April 2005
  • Well done, Jello! On the 3rd spring, coud be a torsiion bar setup instead of a coil? You see anything going laterally into the car? Looking forward to pics!!!
  • interesting pics! Source? Any text to go with it?
  • I'm shocked at all the doubters here...!! Steve's pics of the front end show nothing in terms of similarity. And you cannot look at wings - they probably have a dozen different designs to try on the car, front and back. You can't tell anything o…
  • Fantastic! First impressions... The sidepods are much lower, and possibly wider, and relative to the rear tire looks even lower than the Renault of this year. Look at how high the exhaust chimneys are to clear the rear mechanicals... Quite somet…