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  • ... amazing, simply amazing!! Stunning pics!!!
  • interesting! From Catholic next pope in Bold: Prophecy of St Malachy When I read The Year of Three Popes by Peter Hebblethwaite (about the events of 1978 which saw the death of Paul VI, the election and death of John Paul I, and then th…
    in Spooky! Comment by xiola April 2005
  • Lucky Dogs! :P Have a good time and make sure you get good pics and post them here!!!
  • On engines, from the "Pre season punditry" thread, for those who missed it: There's an interesting read in January's Race Tech magazine, talking about the growth of HP in modern F1. They published HP figures for the 2004 season based on the author'…
  • Ok, I'll start this off early to spur some discussion before Imola. a. Pole getter - Trulli b. Winner of GP - Trulli c. Second in GP - Alonso d. Third in GP - Fisichella e. 1st car out - MS f. Albers race finish position - 8th g. Friesacher race f…
  • Resto In Pace JPII
  • Geez, everyone shows so much confidence in Sato on this board... :P:P:P
  • a. Pole Trulli b. Winner Alonso c. Second Fisichella d. Third MSchumacher e. First Out Button f. Albers 12th g. Friesacher 9th
  • Great race, exaclty what I like to see. The single set of tyres rule has improved the racing, drivers were getting crazy and reckless near the end of the race, excellent. And from what I can tell, the Minardi pace is off because of; tyres for 1 se…
  • Andrew Ranger just added to Champ Car today, to partner Nelson Philippe. Watch this guy, he'll be quicker than his teammate and pick up some podiums as well.
    in ChampCar '05 Comment by xiola March 2005
  • A FA B RB C GF D FA E TS F 12th G 13th
  • I won't comment on Iraq (most of you know my take on it), but heres an interesting article on checkpoints, by a US reporter: Something to think about.
  • Karth did handle himself well in a pig of a car... in the wet... I'm agreeing with you. But I'm also amazed at how well Minardi's drivers did on almost no track time, in the wet, first drivers out. Was brilliant.
  • HA!!!!!! Minardi out Qualifies Ferrari !!!! AHAHAHAAAHAAAAA!!!!! :):):P:P:P:P:P AND Minardi drivers are 1 2 3 in Qual 1 !!!!!!!!!!! It's gonna be a good year!!!!
    in 1st Qual Comment by xiola March 2005
  • This sucks. I really have a problem with PS doing this. Even Jordan was able to modify a car to comform with the regs. Why does PS want to sidestep the rules? It just makes Minardi look low-rent.
  • Awesome!! Should get TV time for sure!
  • a. KR b. KR c. FA d. GF e. TM f. 13 g. 12
  • Sad... I will watch Fear and Loathing and indulge in some addictive substance in his memory.
  • Also, watching the races from Europe at 7 AM is bad enough. When do I have to get up for Qual, 3? That sucks for us in the Americas.
  • Yep, I saw the Paris episode, granted that was pretty funny with the Video Playset - but even that episode followed the formula of Stan and Kyle being smarter than the townspeople and learning a moral lesson at the end. They even made fun of the f…
  • SP has it's moments, but their "edgy" humour is becoming mainstream. With the internet, nothing's shocking anymore. /still laughing at the Paris pic.
  • Southpark is rarely funny now, their comedic shock value ran it's course long ago. HOWEVER their likeness of Paris Hilton is damn near the funniest thing I've ever seen: /still laughing
  • Criticizing the Empire is something of a tradition here in the colonies! (bloody limeys. Never did us any good.) Anyway, my prediction for Constructors, read 'em and weep: 1: Renault. Best car. Best tires. Best driver combo. 2. TOIT. MS's l…
  • There's an interesting read in January's Race Tech magazine, talking about the growth of HP in modern F1. They published HP figures for the 2004 season based on the author's own estimates. It's a very good article, if you're into that sort of thin…
  •  Location: Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, Imola, Italy Heh. :)
    in test Comment by xiola February 2005
  • Can you "donate" to join his dinner table? That seems more appetizing.
  • This is nasty... I'm losing respect for PS. There's something not quite right about what he's saying. He admits Todt was not invited to the 2nd metting due to an oversight... that's just too convenient. Someone was playing political games. And…
  • Quick question... I thought I read somewhere that the 107% rule is coming back this year. Can someone confirm this? This could be disaster for the first 3 races...
  • Same old BS. The truth is Verstappen will never race in F1 again. If he was rated even half as highly as people think he would be a test driver somewhere right now.
  • I agree, Anni is hot.. I've always been a Catriona Lemay-Doan fan What those legs could do....