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  • Welcome back mister Perridon.
  • I would'nt want Jos at Minardi anymore and I wish Albers all the best, but I think he will fail in F1. I wouldn't mind seeing Jos back in a Minardi. I'm no Christijan fan. But hey I guess all of us are sort of chauvinistic pigs a little. So don't …
  • rotfl... Didn't she tell anything new?
  • Eheheheheh [quote]Yeah, but somehow Toyota, BAR and Arrows left me with a better impression most of the time. They climbed up. Or at least tried to. ehehehehehehheheheh ehehehehheheh sorry Stan, can't stop laughing... d'you have any idea about w…
    in Budget Comment by StanB December 2004
  • Yeah, but somehow Toyota, BAR and Arrows left me with a better impression most of the time. They climbed up. Or at least tried to.
    in Budget Comment by StanB December 2004
  • I always figured you were young but not THAT young. Well, I've only been really following this sport since like 1999. So in my mind Minardi always has been a backrow team.
    in Budget Comment by StanB December 2004
  • Believe it or not, Minardi used to beat other teams. Hey man. Remember I was still in dipers back then. ;) Or maybe I wasn't even born yet... Hrmmmhb... Yeah, that seems more likely ;)
    in Budget Comment by StanB December 2004
  • THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER Sometimes I get the feeling that they can't. I mean, Minardi has been on the backrow for how long now? Twenty years or something?
    in Budget Comment by StanB December 2004
  • This is interesting though. It says that IF Albers will come, he will come without Trust. Good news afterall... (looks like Trust didn't screw Verstappen, Verstappen screwed Trust, they're stuck to him until 2006!)
  • Great. I'm sick and tired of silver McLarens. I can't even remember them differently.
  • You call this a dream? I'd call it a nightmare.
  • No, I felt asleep Thank you for assisting me there mate ;)
  • Nothing is boring at 220 mph. Have you even watched the 2002 and 2004 season?
  • Give me Pizzonia. Heidfeld is too boring for me.
  • Looks like it's Johann Vogel :)
    in OUCH! Comment by StanB December 2004
  • [/quote]I think 99% percent of us on the board would be like that if we got the Minardi gig[/quote] Nah, 90% of us would be more like Margareth Thatcher in a F1 car. 7% of us would be like Alex Yoong. 2% would be like Baumgartner, and the remaining…
  • Hey, I won't fall for this again. I learnt it the hard way now.... "Minardi needs the money too hard. If they'll break it, they'll do nothing about it." Not if Minardi writes up the contract properly in the first place!!!! I feel a bet coming up...…
  • I'd take there money but make sure the "keepa you ass outa ALL Team biz" clause was underlined, italics, get my point. Hehe, they'll break it without a problem. Minardi needs the money too hard. If they'll break it, they'll do nothin…
  • lol again I don't give 2 shits about drivers son. That reply has nothing to do with my post. Does it? Personally, I don't really care either. Albers is an okay driver. Not my favourite though. I like Doornbos and Verstappen better. I wouldn't ob…
  • lol Verstappen fans sure love Christijan... If you want Christijan back you're basically saying you want Trust back.
  • Having Albers as a partner would be great *shakes his head* Sigh... [Edited on 9/12/2004 by StanB]
  • I think Zsolt still is growing. And besides, he's a great guy. Things can only get better for Minardi and him. On the other side, if Bruni stays (which I read was likely as well) it can only get worse for him. He already was starting to show a Jos …
  • Before we get all happy about the test. Is it known yet WHO will test? It might be another useless rookie who can't give any feedback until the last day.
  • "SHITTY" eh.......... Bet you will be salivating to get into it if ur offered a ride... I wouldn't let such a chance pass by. That's true. But compared to what's out there today, this is 7 year old technology. And of course, if you guys try to a…
  • Pay driver :P Yes of course, Jos brings in money so he can drive one of the shitty two-seaters.
  • They should take an American. That could mean an enormous support from the states.
  • I don't think Marc is that unrealistic He is no Verstappen, he REALISES his time as a race driver is guess is that he wants a taste of what the best race car in F1 is capable of. Actually, I think he is a Verstappen.
  • I wonder why Gene left? Was it because Frank Williams didn't want him as a racedriver? I hope he isn't joking himself he'll ever have a race carreer with Ferrari. I doubt it'll ever happen...
  • We need to think up one for Minardi.
  • Are there any plans for a 2004 Minichamps 1:18 minardi? I have the 2003 one.