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  • Sure, but you could say that about Senna, Schumi, Vettel ... some of them a very highly strung, its part of their operating temperature.
  • Motorcycles are the reason. Damn nuisance. I agree with you, though - put gravel or grass there. If MotoGP doesn't want to race there then fine.
  • "Work", yesss ... Good race: implosion at Force India and the boss saying its going to be team orders all the way now. re: Stoddie. Good to see him back in the paddock with a proper, meaningful role. The F1 experience is a nice touch from the new …
    in SPA??? Comment by viges August 2017
  • Yup, precisely why Jenson said he wouldn't do it + 'Two of my (childhood) friends have died on ovals'. - Dan & Justin.
  • Great video, thanks so much + some really good flypasts out of Tamburello here from 2'40 onwards
  • Yes, good to see him back in the paddock, his natural habitat. You can tell from the quotes how much he is relishing it + the engines are V10s! This comment in the thread below the article made me smile 'I really miss Paul Stoddart and Minardi, des…
  • Cars look great ++ China had some great, non-flappy wing moves. Martin Brundle thinks this is because aero is so disturbed on the long straights and drivers are being forced to make the move somewhere else. China more representative - we have a batt…
  • Thank-you, Roo. So clever. Newey says the fins are down to that loophole re-opening. Agree on Arrows. Sauber are going to miss Manor this year, they were miles off the pace at Barca day one.
    in 2017 cars Comment by viges February 2017
  • how do we post pix, RJ?
    in 2017 cars Comment by viges February 2017
  • 'First you get rich, then you get honest'. (BC Ecclestone) Its quite a long time since he flogged second hand motorbikes in south London. My favourite part of that story is about how swiftly he bought dealership from which he had initially leased f…
  • And the importance of tenth place ... Shame
  • Happy things to all, including Ebenezer above. Yes, I have had a similar 2016, feeling that I am drifting away. It is the fakery which is the push factor - flappy wings, silly tyres, driving slowly, lack of gravel traps, etc. But sometimes you get g…
  • Paging Mr Button .. or Wherlein. Would be nice to give him a go. re: Nico - he's a bit of a 'Ralf', isn't he? V good when out in front but that's about it.
    in Nic-xit Comment by viges December 2016
  • I think both your theories are correct, manlio. Let's face it, he only won because of the amount of technical failures on the other car. In a way I salute him but its not terribly classy not defending a title, in any sport. He shall not be greatly m…
    in Nic-xit Comment by viges December 2016
  • Yes, he was rather good - at the scene of the 2003 crime when Jos coulda/shoulda/woulda won. Shame about the pitstop - Lewis needs all the help he can get although I am aware there are many here who don't share my sympathies. Well done to Nico if he…
  • When a bunch of petrolheads like us think like this. When Hockenheim is half empty. When drivers are so woefully under-used that they look box fresh on the podium. When you start watching races on catch-up ... Its sad.
  • Great reportage, well done. Quite a line-up in that garage - surely that collection of cars from one team must have the lowest points aggregate per races entered? or something like that ...
  • Well, they've now u-turned on that one. Am fully aware we are sounding like old farts on this one but it is symptomatic of 'the show' - flappy wings, chocolate tyres, etc. Remember Hockenheim even pre-Schumi? It was rammed. 2016, not so much. In th…
  • The only way to understand that quali was by being 'extremely refreshed'.
  • Yes, and TOIT have closed the gap, just got the strategy wrong. Nasty roll for Alonso: there is something about that little straight, isn't there?! STR were v strong in testing and this now shapes up as a good scrap between their two young guns.
    in Oz GP Comment by viges March 2016
  • Yes. They are the only TOIT team with last year's engine and they were the class of the TOIT bunch at testing.
    in Testing Comment by viges March 2016
  • They have been so busy chasing the 'fickle' fan (the one who watches the first 15 seconds of a race for a crash) that they have forgotten about the real fans. Flappy wings, chocolate tyres, quali: all tricks, no magic. I can not imagine 'giving up'…
  • Would be nice: hope they can do a few more laps than the M186 in Austria last summer.
  • Yes, well, Baku is a well-known hotbed of motor racing so this is long overdue. I look forward to seeing the grandstands packed with petrolhead Azeris revelling in their government-subsidised GP. The bumper crowds at Bahrain, China and Russia prove …
  • Dewch ar Cymru. Look you, boyo, as my dear old Lease will tell you, this 15-a-side mullarky will never catch on. Cross country wrestling, I think he calls it.
    in Rugby WC Comment by viges October 2015
  • Marvellous: what's not to like? What would you lot do if we hadn't invented all these games?
  • Terribly sad. He was a seriously good racer (remember all those first lap overtakes in 2013?) and, genuinely, one of the good guys.
  • One can hope.
  • I don't know about you (well, I do) but we love the French.
  • At least we know it was the real thing ...