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  • Congratulations/commiserations, Lease. Your love for Canberra shines through. Get a boat down at Rushcutters and cheer yourself up by beating viges minor in the sunset series ...
  • Seconded: scrap France, scrap Germany, scrap Imola ... sod it, scrap Monza. Flappy wing nonsense, 'push now', 'I can't overtake him'. Brilliant, well done everyone. CVC is sucking gazillions out of the sport so TV money and colourful regimes are the…
  • Great stuff by Hulkenburg and Porsche. Apparently, Mallya agreed to Nico doing Le Mans as long as he could park his motorhome in the paddock. Stay classy .. but good on him for letting a precious F1 driver among those endurance brutes!
  • Close call, but Max. Good on him for having a go, though. We want overtaking, right?... (ie proper overtaking and not flappy-wing b*ll+cks.
    in Now, now, Max Comment by viges June 2015
  • Ooooooooo! this is swanky. you youngsters with your teeth and your computers. Well done all: now, where's doddy?
  • Well bowled RJ. Forza Minardi!
  • Yes, I saw that. We have a season ... but potentially only at very hot races! I think Lewis was very warm with Seb so its not fair to say he's a bad loser. On the radio he seems to be one of those highly-strung people who needs tension to thrive. …
    in Malaysia GP Comment by viges April 2015
  • Agreed, he's done very well. F1 has changed forever and is now simply an extension of computer games. Feeling old ...
  • A delicious 'best served cold' moment for GCM.
  • Toys out of the pram from RBR, how pathetic. Seb jumped ship (and to the correct ship) at just the right time. The rush to judgement is well underway (just as it was with small wings, small engines, single tyre supplier, etc., etc.,). Lewis should …
    in Ozzie GP Comment by viges March 2015
  • Didn't Force India exercise a veto on Manor?
    in RIP Marussia Comment by viges March 2015
  • That would be ideal. We could all turn up at the circuit and watch holograms zooming around.
  • Agreed. Lewis is faster: simple as that. The speed he takes through the quick stuff is in a diff league ...
    in Belgium Comment by viges September 2014
  • It is the logical progression of Jenson, Kimi, Alonso, Seb, Algersuari, etc., Good luck to Max. But just because a 17yo can drive a modern F1 car doesn't mean they should ... Stan is spot on about the first crash.
  • Sounds great: an early Minardi F1 car did compete for a while in Historics with some success, certainly more than they had in the 80s!
  • RIP Black Jack. Hard as nails, like all true champs. Love the image of him pushing the Cooper over the line. Got to interview him at Goodwood a few years back and he was, as you would expect, a true gent. + there is a Minardi connection (there alwa…
  • and, of course, RIP Roland Ratzenberger.
  • Maximum attack. Obrigado Ayrton. PS Ciao Salvo! We are all well although rather depleted. Don't be a stranger ...
  • Vettel is not finished but the great drivers can drive anything, Scalextric or not. Just because he was the best with a blown floor doesn't preclude him from being the best with torquey turbos. He should be on top of that by now and Marko et al shou…
  • Yes, he's Canberra's Billy Joel.
  • Back in Blighty after a month up in the air. Canberra was a treat and followed flight number 14, I think. Lease was on fine form although he is a lesser man, as RJ is about to prove. When was the last FM gathering? The Bilderberg group is more soci…
  • Brundle: ''I'll never forget as a kid approaching a track with F1 cars already circulating and feeling incredible anticipation and excitement. Sadly some of that is missing now watching live, although at least the TV can pump it up a little.
  • Reasons to be cheerful: Williams, Macca, proper racing, more power than grip, opposite lock, sideways, yessss. Reasons to be gloomy: the noise. Max genuinely did not believe fans gave this importance - a measure of how far removed the grandees are …
  • RBR is 'under the pump', as I believe the colonials like to say. Have seen a fair bit of coverage from tests in Bahrain. Be prepared for whispering F1.
  • 'Stable' seems good but can have euphemistic connotations. We are all Schumi fans right now and hope he pulls this one off.
  • Lease, you are 'Champ' from now on. Or maybe 'The Malayan Insurgent'. re: numbers. Not fussed, really. I'd prefer it if the drivers just kept to one helmet design. Call me old-fashioned. The 'adult toy' noses to the cars are so symbolic of 'be car…
  • Be careful what you wish for: I think one of the TDs warned about this months ago and was ignored. Have you heard them? Flippin' horrible but I suppose we'll get used to it. Well, we don't have a choice!
  • 'More and more American. Less and less Formula 1.' You gottit, Manlio. Hey, why don't we just have weight penalties for the winner of the previous race?
  • Agreed. He is no Vaughan, who makes one of the most salient points on a divided dressing room. He says there is no point sticking KP at third man all day. Either involve him in decision-making or get rid. I prefer the former. My main observation wo…
    in Ashes Comment by viges January 2014