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  • Congratulations Australia. Nice to have you back. Sort of. The batting has been worst on the English side but I would like to point out, not for the first time, that Test batting is, sadly, dead. I cannot care less for the one day game so I find th…
    in Ashes Comment by viges December 2013
  • The WACA's going to be fun. Plenty of the England dismissal balls wouldn't have hit the stumps so that is a major flaw they have to address. However, the major factor is the return of Mitch. All fun and games. Proper Test cricket but I think some…
    in Ashes Comment by viges December 2013
  • Sledging's fine but Warner's stuff on Trott off field was not cricket. Even Steve W agrees:
    in Ashes Comment by viges November 2013
  • I hope you are right about Daniel but I doubt it: if Webbo couldn't make it work why should a relative rookie? Vettel learnt from Mark, copied Mark's set-ups and then completely overtook him. Daniel's only (forlorn) hope is if Vettel is unable to ad…
  • We are all equal. But some are more equal than others.
  • Nice GP going on behind Seb. Q; what symbolises everything that's wrong with F1? A; the Korean GP. I enjoyed the impertinence of Johnny Herbert and Vettel waxing lyrical about Suzuka while still on the podium at Korea.
    in Korea Comment by viges October 2013
  • Bless you.
  • Its a great idea but I doubt I will be able to do it. A big family trip to Oz remains an 'aspiration', probably to coincide with a Royal visit.
  • Get her, with the 'yoof' lingo.
    in Rush Comment by viges October 2013
  • Am looking forward to it: even the British petrolhead press likes it and accepts it is a 'story' rather than a docco. Hunt & Lauda were mates, though, rather than arch rivals for the first half of the movie. The non-petrolhead reviews I have se…
    in Rush Comment by viges September 2013
  • I think you'll find the Aussies (led by Kiwi Coutts) were 8-1 down until the moment they hired a Pom. Sir Ben gave Dean Barker a nervous breakdown, just like he does when he's sailing dinghies + (and this should not be overlooked) the USA boat got a…
  • I do not believe that turning yachting into 'showbiz' will actually produce any new, enduring fans of the AC. It certainly, as Lease has shown, turned away alot of fans, even when one of the skippers (and most of his crew) is an Aussie. We must hop…
  • So no coverage of Jimmy Spithill at all? I agree with a lot of Lease's jaundiced view and we have every right to be jaundiced but ... there is something about a close battle in the 12s. + if Ben Ainslie can get the money together for a British tea…
  • Well ... not a classic series. A popular refrain (of mine) is that the pyjama game has ruined Test match batting. But its alright because the only people who care are the English, Saffers and the Aussies. The averages are very similar for both tea…
  • Watson: At least the next series is two years away. Clarke: You really didn't look at that homework, did you?
  • Gideon Haigh: To be fair, while "walking" is sometimes imagined to be part of an abiding cricket honour code stretching back to antiquity, it belongs more properly to the realm of what Eric Hobsbawm called invented tradition. In Simon Rae's excel…
  • Silverstone! What a track! Yes, if I was the chairman of Pirelli I would have had more than enough of F1 by now. This must be doing their brand image no good at all.
    in Silverstone Comment by viges July 2013
  • To placate the teams although I should think the top brass at Pirelli now want to walk away from the circus. Horner must be annoyed the other teams left it to him to front up. Merc/Pirelli can't have it both ways: the test was either due to safety …
    in Tyregate Comment by viges June 2013
  • Good! See what happens when you leave us to our own devices? Don't do it again.
  • Well, no news is good news. Presume the best. Good to hear from you.
  • Hi Matt, obviously I hope the unconfirmed reports are untrue but I am afraid I cannot help you. Its been several years since I recall a post. Was Ste not in touch with MCSF? Regards, Simon.
  • Paddock conspiracy theorists say Todt is batting for Michelin. But he would bat for Ross too, wouldn't he?... btw I don't believe Michelin would agree to short-life tyres.
    in Canada Comment by viges June 2013
  • RBR's moaning about tyres seems to have ceased ...
    in Canada Comment by viges June 2013
  • Gawd bless 'im. Massa's identi-crashes at St Devote were weird. He's never enjoyed Monaco and this won't have helped. Grosjean has finally confirmed what we all suspected: he is out of his depth.
    in Monaco Comment by viges May 2013
  • I agree, Oz. Pirelli is blameless. However, none of us will be tuning in for much more of that. BBC piece on compound changes to ensure three stop max: ''Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said: "We hope that (helping Red Bull) won't be the …
    in Barcelona???? Comment by viges May 2013
  • Has 911s on the cover.
  • O-N-E. Not two, three, four or the good ol' boys. Qualifying can be as artificial as you like. Couldn't care less about the Saturday championship. [Edited on 17-4-13 by viges]
    in China Comment by viges April 2013
  • Don't like it, don't like it at all and that's before they bring in those piffling V6s. Flappy wings and joke tyres are not Formula One. This is simulated 'racing' for the casual viewer. Certain circuits will suit certain teams: who did well at Alb…
    in China Comment by viges April 2013
  • I agree.