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  • This new Minardi team is the best news I've heard in the last year or so. When I saw the video of GCM with PM unveilign the new car I cried like a child, clapping like the fellas in the factory. It doesn't matter if it's GP2, A1, Euro3000 or any for…
  • Now that there are no proper underdogs any more (midland won't count for me) super cucumber is my choice for the next season. Go Yuji 'Idle' Ide
  • I agree with Simon and Emmet (except for the militaristic bash on Greco of course). Rj ou're doing good in keeping this site alive. Minardi have gathered a very respectable amount of fans in 21 years, I don't think many teams can reach this threshol…
  • It's been busy time here in Argentina recently, I only managed to watch the races and take a glance at Forza sometimes. Of course I'm destroyed by the current situation of Minardi. I don't blame Stoddie, he did as muchb as he could. But he never was…
  • Pole F Alonso 1st F Alonso 2nd K Raikkonen 3rd M Schumacher 1st out: Sato Albers: 13th Friesacher: DNF
  • Yo todavía quiero pegarme un tiro por no haber podido juntar el $ para ir con ellos, buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :spank: NINGUN equipo se puede comparar con Minardi. Si hasta ex pilotos como Pierluigi Martini se tomaron la molestia de ir a sa…
  • Quig: I learned italian and lost loadsa pounds just to convince you GCM to help me out turning Cisco into a decent city. Let's start a crusade to wipe out from mi city: homos, atheists, anti-military, commies and other ferign devils. Forza! GCM: A…
  • Y los fanaticos de Jordan nos pasaron en numero, mierd*:spank:
  • I prefer your church Clown Who cares about this catholic pompous arses? Their toilets may be golden, but they still have to get there and clean it with their own hands. Can't believe people will pay for a flight to watch this.
  • RJ is gonna kill me, but... 3 austrians in a year is too much! Klien, Wurz, Friedchicken... Get good ol Berger and Niki and come all the bear and sausages to F1.
  • Can't believe any of this fellas got their laptop. How about something for the envy mass that would watch the race on tv?:(
    in GOOD LUCK Comment by yokosuna April 2005
  • Depressing, screw u Irwin. Ain't as old as you btw.:spank:
    in *Sigh* Comment by yokosuna April 2005
  • ^M198, already tried and it's oh so bloody cool:cool:
  • I'd be about to become a freak but was screwed as well.:spank: Quig your crap is educative. Vfan is not worth reading it unless you want to become Matt II, Bashator the Return.:hehe: No hard feelings Steve.
  • Kimi: I promise I'd never ever drink fuel again when I run out of booze. Chris to Pedro: Have you checked the recent poems of Lease in Forza, dude? Pedro: If i don't read Matt in there I prefer watching the bengals or bash viges chauvinist imperial…
  • Como dijeron los malditos afortunados que pudieron ir esta semana a Imola, todo el chasis es nuevo. El hecho de que se parezca al PS02 la parte de adelante no implica que sea igual. Aunque esta claro que el grueso del trabajo se hizo en el tren tras…
    in PS05 Comment by yokosuna April 2005
  • I guess they're Autosprint's (cool italian magazine, used to read it). I think there are many new things in the car, not only on the back end. We can't set a good comparison based on a few pics (thanx selespeed, awesome) and I can't wait to this wee…
  • (Radio) Team: Jacques leave pits, leave pits. You better finish this test before tomorrow slacker. I wanna go back to my hotel room to watch Big Brother on the TV JV: No FUCKI** way!
  • Well done Simon.
  • Por culpa de esta jodida regla le dieron por cul* a Justin Wilson en su momento, y ahora para un lento como Klien la van a cambiar, siendo el mismo equipo a fin de cuentas. La vida es injusta:spank:
  • Ratzinger? he could be, if they want a transition-soultion Maradona? God's hand, after all...;) He'd have been a decent pope after all. At least the way to see some real miracles on the Bat-e-Can
  • Like to watch MotoGP, but prefer 250. Porto rides there and is a fellow countryman.
    in Moto GP Comment by yokosuna April 2005
  • I think Clown must try enterpeneurial, he doesn't want to study any more. Start playing pizza tycoon in your computer mate! You'll just need to hold there till you get promoted, then it'll be a bit easier. I'm on a shitty job now, and in the third w…
    in Workin' Comment by yokosuna April 2005
  • Breathtaking... At least now I know we will get decent pictures of the factory visit + race + extra activities.
  • Bene Dictos sean ustedes dos, italianos locos :hehe:
    in el papa Comment by yokosuna April 2005
  • el nuevo papa puede ser un sudamericano Yo lo espero, creo que saria bueno por los pueblos latino-americano. Y creo tambien que mi espanol es pejor de l'italiano de Michael Schumacher:hehe: No importa quien sea papa, la iglesia me :mad:
    in el papa Comment by yokosuna April 2005
  • Si el papa es Manlio I= Cicciolina de cardenal? Berlusconi arzobispo? RJ de portavoz del Vaticano (y web designer) ? :hehe:
    in el papa Comment by yokosuna April 2005
  • Suppongo che questa espressione viene dal lupo di Roma (Romulo&Remo)???
  • a .F ALO b. F ALO c. K RAI d. M WEB e. T SAT f. DNF g. 10th