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  • dont think Yoong was actually racing that year... think it was Justin Wilson and Jos Verstappen. As an aside... anyone still holding shares in the flying giraffe?? The English chef... Matt? Does he still drop in from time to time?
  • I've got an Alex Yoong shirt at home from the inaugral competition I believe...
  • it's not loyalty... you can disappear and return after 2 years- and nothing will have changed. Has Matt the british cook returned??;)
  • Do Toyota have a 2 year deadline to get results or otherwise the plug will be pulled?? How embarassing.
  • Where have I been? Been busy, nose to the ground... I'm soon to be working alongside former sponsorship coordinator with the BAR team, so I've managed to move around in interesting circles. Obviously been working with one of Minardi's former foes …
  • Guy I work with got to have a couple of rides with Zsolt yesterday. Said it was pretty awesome actually. Miss this whole Minardi thing, fingers crossed it all comes back.
  • yeah.. good question. It was going to carry over to the go-kart comp. Not sure what to do with it now.. it's still with Hagemeyer brands. Suggestions? Throwing in the towel? I thought PS was the one that sold out! eh?
  • if anyone else wants a free hat... you may need to pay for postage though. just let me know.
  • take it easy... our third last Friday runs, let's not spoil it.
  • I've no shame in saying I loved the guy. A real loss to the sport, delivered some real home truths on the way the sport was headed. A little unrefined... a little obnoxious... a little over indulgent. I loved him none the less. Kept Minardi alive…
  • if you need someone to clean up your template let me know... Mambo's my specialty. Thats what I used for ozminardi
  • also.. OzJet have moved to Melbourne. Interesting... seems like a more practical decision. The ramification I'm sure are more complex, which undoubtedly you will explain over the coming weeks. Please, try and be succinct. Cheers bud.
  • he seems to be trying to get some value out of it though... when the car was carried away he stayed in the car because he couldn't get the steering wheel off.
  • and fter 5 laps he's beached it in the gravel. What was the point?
  • haha.. that's the fnniest thing I've heard in days! A Hawthorn supporter! Minardi and Hyundai? Possibly they could look to rebadge the V8 Cosworth initially, freeing up dosh for us to provide a new car for next year. Now that would be my preferre…
  • albers not doing much running... but friesmaker ahead of three jordans and a red bull.
  • same same.. lets have some consistency please.
  • I think whilst people are getting all high and might about the rules is understandable, we can't lose sight of the fact that the circus rolled in to the US to put on a race. It didn't deliver, and now F1 is certainly not in great shape. We could ha…
  • this is so fucking good, this guy is a fucking legend. If I was single, i'd fuckin pork this fella.
  • The tyres have been the biggest issue this year. After Kimi's blowout, the FIA got on their high horse and said Mercedes should have bought him in, and that the stewards would black flag competitors if their tyres were dangerous. What a load of fuc…
  • Phoenix just called... they want their points back.
    in EJ 15 Comment by JuniorMin June 2005
  • I think I missed the boat by a coupl of years... although I've got all the right connections now.
  • Bayliss has been soo disappointing. He may as well pack his bags now. Got my licence on the weekend, so in 12 months I am off restrictions. Really want to get on something big next time I go down the Island, nonne of this 250 crap.
  • Lets hope for some rain to throw the cat amongst the pidgeons... hopefully some duck in early for some fuel and we are able to take advantage of it.
  • what about Friday testing?! We could use someone for that.
  • yes and no... If they go too far with fuel then they have to hop off the racing line sooner, before we have pitted. being lapped in expensice in Monaco.
  • and paddy goes faster again... let's hope we haven't compromised strategy for qualifying glory.
  • albers ahead of both... yeeha
  • its a real shame things deteriorated with Michelin. The best we can hope for now is either... 1. Bridgestone Testing Budget 2. Control Tyres 3. New Tyre Manufacturers If we were on Michelins we would have a bit of a gap to Jordanski.
  • been really busy over the past two weeks so haven't been around here much. But, getting on today and seeing we are in front of the Jordanski... then reading their forum to see what they think... it's pretty sad for them, but bloody brilliant for us.…