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  • Unbelieveable race. mayham, speed and banging wheels at the front. WOW!
    in Euro GP Comment by TasM July 2007
  • Good race by DC and hamilton, but Lewis does have a great car which does make it somewhat easier, but credit to him regardless. I think Red Bull senior are doing well so far. I think they will also eclipse the their mid-field rivals by mid-season,…
    in Bahrain GP Comment by TasM April 2007
  • Thank you Clown!! Now I can utilise some of that 20Mb DSL+ connection I have!!!
    in Vegas Weekend Comment by TasM April 2007
  • Hi All, been away but have been checking in now and again... Great Result for the Team! Too bad we I can't see it here in Oz.
    in Vegas Weekend Comment by TasM April 2007
  • I was a Ferrari and Schumacher fan in the late 90’s until my eyes noticed a Jet Black car with a young man named Alonso. Murray Walker used to say they were the smallest team but every other team envied their closeness and of course the best coffee…
    in The Book Comment by TasM June 2007
  • Yep. He did! Congratulations Juan Pablo and Mr Duran!
  • I heard that JPM won the race???
  • Nice Viges. I also agree with Petrol, Horner was plugging the company line, though he shouldn't use Minardi in that light to promote the RBR agenda.
  • What about Foxtel, do they telecast Champ cars???
  • Merry Christmas everyone and great news about Minardi in Champ Cars. Awesome!!!
  • MW: Look at the monitor DC, man you make me look young!
  • That was an amazing 5th day. I never thought the Aussies would even get a chance! Wow, Warne was absolutely awesome.
    in Ashes Comment by TasM December 2006
  • Well that was a long thread to read... I can't see why PS would use the name either, but I know he has the rights to do so. Love the Ozjet cars though, they look great!!!
  • In relation to Rosberg, Planet-f1 said it best... Williams, Double DNF Nico Rosberg started the season so well and he ended it with his confidence shot. Slamming into your team-mate on the opening lap because you missed your braking point is a poor…
    in Williams Comment by TasM October 2006
  • Not the way I wanted to see it go, as RJ said, an engine failure at this point in the season is very surprising.
    in Suzuka Comment by TasM October 2006
  • Well well, go away for a short while and look what happens... Great news for the team. I just hope I can get some coverage in Australia to watch them in the races (anyone know if it shows on FoxSports or ESPN in OZ???) The best news I've seen for …
  • A real shame. Cosworth are a very innovative engineering outfit and to lose F1 activities is a sad day indeed.
  • Originally posted by Minardi4eva And now Michael Schumacher has the exact same penalty!!! That just sticks of interference by the FIA. It's being reported on some sites it was undeserved, but I didn't see it myself. [Edited on 6-8-06 by TasM]
  • Is that 2 sec per qualifying session as opposed to sector?
  • Originally posted by Jello_Biafra [quote]Originally posted by TasM I didn't think of that one. Good one P1, that sounds very plausible. Oh come the fuck on! [/quote] What the?
  • SFW has said that he 'nkows' what the oppotunity is with Webber and understands that a driver would do anything to get that seat. This coupled with your theory P1, may suggest that webbo might a in an Italian team again....
  • I didn't think of that one. Good one P1, that sounds very plausible.
  • If brawn does leave, how much impact will that have on TOIT, guys?
  • I'm am going to find it extremely difficult to support RebBull. I will continue to support Webber as he grew up with many of my friends and relatives. But Rebull? I can't even bring myself to slurp down their drinks because of the disregard for t…
  • Petrol, yep forgot that one, but that's reaching a little. He was pressuring the renault and Kimi for most of that race and was driving an F29, need I say more.
  • Well if that becomes a reality, it will be exciting. French car, Minardi drivers :)
  • Monaco 2006? he drove a perfect race, his car brokedown. Wasn't it here that JetSetJim said a few years ago that there was nothing it between Webber and Alonso (when testing with Renault i think). In fact he added that Webber's cornering speed was…
  • It was a great drive. He was on for a big bag of points until th $30 part broke. The pass on Fisi was super clean and his lap times were on the limit. He could go to either team, I think his 'stock' has just kept rising this year.
    in Poor Webbo Comment by TasM July 2006
  • Originally posted by SuperRoo That's really disappointing. The way the FIA curbs ingeniuty is staggering. I would have liked to see even bigger winglets, maybe a row of four and call them acropolis wings.. You mean Parthenon wings (The acropolis is…
    in BMW winglets Comment by TasM July 2006
  • He has 'rights' to the name, what would be your comments if he called a Champ car team 'Minardi'?