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  • The 2-seater made an appearance at Zandvoort today, during a Jumbo supermarkets sponsored event. Seeing as the owner of Jumbo is the owner of most classic Minardi F1 cars, it wouldn't surprise me to see them at this event as well. http://www.versta…
  • I just watched a 2015 documentary about Gonzalo Rodriguez, who died in a CART crash in 1999. Just a year earlier he was Justin's team mate in F3000 and thus he was interviewed. Who could have guessed that they were going to share such an unfortunate…
  • I think it is interesting that they did penalise a GP2 driver who had the wrong tyre pressures during qualifying. Double standard FIA?
  • I had not watched an IndyCar race in a while, but last night I decided to tune in and I saw it as it happened. The odd thing is that at first it was hardly noticable that anything happened to Justin at all. All the attention went to the race leader …
  • I have returned to my tactic of just ignoring the Mercedes team. Romain Grosjean won the race. It was awesome. Kvyat was great too. Verstappen seemed to be overdriving it a bit.
    in Spa Comment by Stan August 2015
  • I did. I was so looking forward to using the Hungaboring pun, but it actually was worth watching for a change. Bottas was very unlucky, and Rosberg... *shakes his head*. This was his chance. Another title for Hamilton this year.
    in Hungarian GP Comment by Stan July 2015
  • This is making me so curious that I am considering to buy it. I just found this. That should help. I just found out what a sheepshagger is ;-).
  • I don't think he's boring. Well, he might be compared to Juan Pablo Montoya or Eddie Irvine, but I can't really blame him for that. He does have personality, even though it might be a glamboy one. It's just the fact that he's seconds faster than an…
    in Brit GP Comment by Stan July 2015
  • Hahaha. I saw an interview with GCM from last year's Italia a Zandvoort. He said something along the lines of "I cannot believe there is a working Motori Moderni left". This might have been the last one ;-). Today was the second edition of Italia a…
  • I saw a short on TV of about 15 seconds in which he blew up the engine.
  • Well, I remember you saying "I could have went there". Which would have made sense, it's only like 100km from Almere. Was it Houtribdam then? I'm a bit lost.They are godforsaken places either way ;-).
  • You did stay in Almere for a little didn't you RJ? Or at least some place near, I seem to recall that. I remember you were in our fine little country that time Robert Doornbos drove his F1 car over the afsluitdijk.
  • I think Grosjean was just trying to slow down Max as much as he could in the slower bits of the circuit. That way he could use his Mercedes engine to his advantage where acceleration is a factor. Which he was entitled to do of course because he was…
    in Now, now, Max Comment by Stan June 2015
  • Most boring Canadian GP in years. When I saw Hamilton go through the first corner I jokingly told the person I was watching with, that we might as well turn on something different. I wish I had. Rosberg has no chance against Hamilton. At first I t…
  • That's odd... I'll look into that sometime during this week.
  • Actually, there is a way to upload images from your computer. But it requires RJ to turn on a certain plugin and I'm not sure if he wants to.
  • I occasionally visit another F1 forum and some of the Australians there seem to use NowTV (7 GBP for a day pass). Sadly that also seems to be a UK only service, but you might try your luck with a proxy server. If you search Google for "NowTV Austral…
    in HELP!!! Comment by Stan May 2015
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi ForzaMinardi tech guru stan is working on a new forum, which will make the forum more mobile friendly and hopefully get a lot of engagement back to the site. You will have to request a new password so don't be shock…
  • Has anyone done the math on the FM challenge yet by the way?
  • Abu Dhabi To be honest, Hamilton deserves to become driver's champion. But for some reason I am always cheering for the underdog. So I'm going to put my money on Rosberg. POL: Hamilton 1ST: Rosberg 2ND: Vettel 3RD: Massa 4TH: Hamilton OUT: Stevens…
  • Apparently Will Stevens will be in one of their cars. I really wonder who their other driver will be.
    in RIP Marussia Comment by Stan March 2015
  • On Caterham: after reading the article below, I am very happy that I didn't donate. They don't deserve a penny.
  • POL: Hamilton 1ST: Rosberg 2ND: Bottas 3RD: Massa 4TH: Alonso OUT: Sutil EXM: Alonso
  • If we go on like this we'lll have carless F1 in 15 years ;-)
  • It reminded me of the parades at Valencia. Ah well. Seeing Bermie with Vlad made me want to puke. Apparently Bernie even decides when the TV-director shows who.
  • Kinda last minute: POL: Hamilton 1ST: Rosberg 2ND: Hamilton 3RD: Button 4TH: Ricciardo EXM: Alonso OUT: Chilton
  • I'm wondering if maybe Hamilton could have prevented it. Alonso was much more careful fighting with Magnussen for example. And he did open the door slightly by going through Eau Rouge a bit wide. It's clear though. Rosberg should just have hit the …
    in Belgium Comment by Stan August 2014
  • Anyone volunteering to do the math? Singapore POL: Rosberg 1ST: Rosberg 2ND: Alonso 3RD: Raikkonen 4TH: Ricciardo OUT: Magnussen EXM: Alonso
  • Monza: POL: Rosberg 1ST: Rosberg 2ND: Alonso 3RD: Vettel 4TH: Hamilton OUT: Kobayashi EXM: Alonso
  • POL: Rosberg 1ST: Rosberg 2ND: Hamilton 3RD: Massa 4TH: Alonso OUT: Vettel EXM: Alonso