About this site

If you have just landed here you may ask yourself why, a decade after its demise, there is still a website dedicated to the Minardi team. The most obvious answer is that the team has given us, the fans, 20 amazing years in Formula 1 and that it hasn't been the same since. This is a place where people come who love to reminisce about the good old days. Even the webmaster of this site is quite amazed that there is still an international community visiting the site and the forum, talking about Minardi and present day Formula 1. What we have are our memories, such as when in 2005 ForzaMinardi.com teamed up with the Minardi Club San Francisco to organise a trip to the San Marino GP, celebrating 20 years of Minardi in F1 and 5 years of ForzaMinardi.com. Little did we know that it would be our last chance to celebrate the team.

This website was started in 1998, then called MinardiFans.com. In 2000, it was integrated into the Rivals.net sports network when the layout became more professional and user friendly. The launch of the message board triggered off the rapid growth of the international fan community ForzaMinardi.com is so proud of today. After some months without a proper name ForzaMinardi.com was born on the 28th of June 2000. In April 2002, however, Rivals.net decided to get rid of all F1 sites including ForzaMinardi.com because the company preferred to be a network only for footballsites. ForzaMinardi.com continued as an independent and 100% non-commercial site. ForzaMinardi.com may not be an official site but throughout the years, it has established good contacts with key figures within the Minardi team and its Fan Clubs.

Further Reading

If you want to know more about Minardi, there are some books you may want to consider.

In Italian, there is Gian Carlo Minardi's book "Giancarlo Minardi racconta".

In English, there is Simon Vigar's aptly named book "Forza Minardi".


The historical pictures on this site are used with permission from the vast archives of the Minardi Team. ForzaMinardi.com would also like to thank Diederik van der Laan at Dutch Photo Agency, Robert Murphy and Nicolas Kiesa for providing some of the more recent pictures. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us on the forum or send us an email.