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  • 1st guy thinks:
    So many dollars wasted in all these years... how may waffles could that buy?

    2nd guy thinks:
    I shouldn't have lend Jarno that money. Where the hell is he?

    Ralf thinks:
    These hemorrhoids are killing me.
  • Brainstorming session about where Ralf can invest his money.
  • Gascoyne: So Ralf does that mean we won't get any discount at that Sex shop now?
    Mechanic: No filthy videos for less?
    Ralf: No, all gone up in smoke, I'll invest in Disney now...
  • In a desparate attempt to impress at salary review time, key Toyota employees try on happy Jaspanese faces.
  • Holy crap! Lock this thread, that won't be topped.
  • Ralf: OK OK, I'll wear the red hat, but I'm NOT wearing the the red Jacket, who do you think I am, Michael?

    [Edited on 16/12/2004 by TasM]
  • Hey, ralfie.......

    still waiting for your first impession on the 2005 tub....?.....
  • "Ralf you know the stuff you recommended to me last week from your personal sex shop , well you have just singlehanded ruin my marriage, everybody knows men dont belong in womens clothes"
  • Headline: Toyo left with poor imitation once more.

    Deja vu, this time with drivers though. They were after Michael, were only able to sign Ralf, but ended up with Chandler from the now defunct Friends.

    *can someone post a pic so we can do a comparison, cos thats a great look-alike.
  • Red Bull launch their new 2-dimensional f1 driver.....no wait, that is actually a cardboard cut-out
  • "Want to see my Red Bullocks?"
  • Red bull gives you italians
  • Give it up gang - Viges is the winner!
  • Liuzzi posing with his "mates":hehe:
  • ....The only way David Coulthard will beat Liuzzi in a racecar..........
  • "Hey dude, where's my car" The sequel.......

    Coming to cinema's in March.
  • You done yet I'm freezing my balls off.
  • Despite Todt's refusal, Arnold still manages to smuggle his pet guinea pig into the pitlane.
  • "A CR3-L? So where's our new engine......"
  • Mechanic: damn, they forgot to take off the FIAT badge at the factory.
    Let me replace it for our beloved horsie !!!!
  • 1)Hidden Donkey does TOIT.

    2)TOIT: we better stash all this dosh Bernie and Max just gave us for trying to ban Minardi from racing here till the end:spank:
  • 'Jesus, the lengths I have to go to to have a fag these days is ridiculous.'
  • Ferrari signing the new Concorde

  • BACK IN 5 MINS...
  • Open Sesame...
  • Bloody doors stuck,oi Todt,OI TODT where's toad face when you need him!
  • A small step to the pit lane for Minardi, a giant leap for F1
  • Paul, don't it's not worth it, no, don't, put it away!
  • OK guys, the door is closing.

    Let's start cutting !!!!
  • Paul Stoddart shows off the lastest in cutting edge technology the Minardi wing angle setting machine.

    PS: In order to determine the optimum wing settings for our cars, the driver pulls on the white cord. Once the device stops moving an engineer will measure the angle and sets the rear wing accordingly. The process is repeated for the front wing and then the second driver has a go. If a quick change is needed the drivers race engineer wil do it before the driver returns to the pits.

    PS (to assembled press) any questions?
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