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Caption Competition


Minardi proudly presents its new windtunnel


  • Bring it on Tim!
  • " So I told Nissany; if you see your team-mate comming up in your rear-mirror and you move (t)his way, you'll have as much fun as I did on my motor-cycle....errrr, did I say motor-cycle?! I meant: playing tennis....that's what I did! Honestly I really played tennis and then I tripped...I've never seen a bike in my life!" :o
  • Yes I'm wearing orange. No I'm not gay.
  • "... and so I grabbed his buttocks like this"
  • "COHONES!!!, this big!"
  • ..... and then you cut the carrots in tiny pieces and add them to the soup.
    Finally you let it cook for 20 minutes and voila.......... you have carrot-soup as orange as my shirt !!!:hehe:
  • Doctors are worried about Montoya after his accident.

    Reports that he's started trying to juggle imaginary balls have been denied by Ron Dennis
  • 'Brooooom.. brooooohooooom... broom!'
  • JPM: Bless me Bernie for I have sinned. It has been 3 weeks since my last confession.

    BE: (off camera) What is the nature of your sin.

    JPM: Well, I lied to my Boss (the Devine Ron) I said I Hurt my shoulder playing tennis.

    BE: You Didn't hurt it playing tennis?

    JPM. No your eminance. I hurt it Fishing. The line broke and i fell. But the fish was this big

    BE: You will have do something very holy to make up for this

    JPM: what shall I do your excellancy?

    BE: Drive for Minardi next year and hold up MS as much as possible.

    [Edited on 4/5/2005 by steamdrivenhammer]
  • This is how much of a chance that kimi and ron are not sleeping together and the world is a large place.
  • "Luigi! I always treated you like a son. You were like family to me. And now you betray me by attacking me with a tennis ball. What should I do with you. Would you accept this if you were in my position?"
  • Misser Fawlty, Misser Fawlty, hjelp me find my hjampster.
  • Misser Fawlty, Misser Fawlty, hjelp me find my hjampster.
    very good
  • What?!? RJ is wearing an orange shirt too, I better go change.
  • "When i said we need more downforce, this isnt what i had in mind"
  • Minardi proudly present its new launch control
  • CA: Ooh Look the little people race F1 cars too:
    PF: OH yeah so they do: Hey don't they look like minardi's.
    CA: look pat that guys got the same helmet has you.

    [Edited on 5/7/2005 by steamdrivenhammer]
  • latest pictures proof rumours; no 3rd driver for Minardi
  • is that lipstick???????
  • In an attempt to slow down the cars further, the Minardi drivers dislay a scale version of Mosley's new revised "plank".

    [Edited on 7/7/2005 by Clown]
  • Coming soon to an amusement center near you:

    Minardi the pinball game!

    Based on the actual technology Minardi F1 Team use on their forumla 1 cars comes this state of the art pinball machine, which includes all the electronic gizmos that make minardi one of the front runners in formula 1 today.......
  • Shock Horror!........ both Minardi's on Pole Position!
  • michelin yet again have tyre problems but this time only Minardi will start.
  • Moments before, Channock Nissany had spun off, nearly taking out BOTH his Minardi team mates. Luckily no one was injured.
  • Minardi symbolise their current position in F1 :(
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