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Dream Car

As we havent had a RJ dream car thread in a while, I thought I might as well throw my hat into the ring!





It WILL be mine oneday!!!!


  • Very nice choice Ste, you can pick a resonably rapid modernish one for a decent price at the moment, I'm looking at a '99 Super Sprint for £8,950 and next to it is a '95 HPC for £13,950 surely the student loan can stretch????
  • There really good cars, bloody hell a 99 one for only 8 grand?? the hardly depriciate at all!!!

    record breaking Sports car performance with 40 MPG!!!


    Student loans not that much! Lets just got check my lottery numbers!!
  • All those plans for our second Formula Vee are on hold at the moment. It looks more likely we'll move into Group 2 Sportscars, with our own version of something like this. (although i'd prefer a closed cockpit - Tojo GT-One style!) :D

    These are great little cars. Quicker than a Carrera Cup Porsche and only $25k Australian to make. That's about 11 grand in pommieland.

  • What kinda hooptie is that?
  • I know, I know, this is just a plan, and just a computer graphics but this is my dream car... I hope everyone can recognize this.
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