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You DISSED that chap of atlasf1!!

I had to laugh when i read it!

Originally posted by Chubby_Deuce
Minardi Factory

The thumb tack is slightly out - the Minardi factory is the place on the corner, plus the aero/carbon fibre shop is the place up the road with the orange roof.


Chubby_Deuce Well if you want to get that technical, the first [...] 06-Jul-05 23:32 38

Chubby_Deuce 06-Jul-05 23:32 38

Since: Jul 2004

Well if you want to get that technical, the first building is the shop, the one to the left is the machine shop and as you said, the orange roof is the composites building. Patrick Freisacher likes to park his Lambo out front (to the right in the photo) and Mr. Minardi parks his BMW near the entrance (top of the main building in the photo).


  • Ahahaha. That'll teach him to critique my Google Earth skills. Ya know cuz I couldn't find it unless I had the marker *right* on the building. :rolleyes:

    I've been there, punk!
  • Jello - I got the cable yesterday - grazie!
  • Is that the same cable hes been sending since imola?????

    Been using snail mail??? ;)
  • Yep - I should have just driven the 50 miles and picked it up.
  • Jello - where the hell were you Saturday noonish? We were at the kart track.

    I guess you were smart not to go....I destroyed the field on the short course.

    You would have cried.
  • Hmmm, you havnt again have you Jello??

    Dan_11 25-Aug-05 00:42 50

    Since: Oct 2004

    Montoya is once again showing his great talent on low downforce settings.
    At a track like Monza, it takes big balls to go that fast with less downforce than any other circuits.
    He is the quickest to adapt.

    I've been looking forward to seeing what Juan can do at Monza all season. Hes great there every year.
    Juan will set a new benchmark again, maintaining the title of fastest driver in F1 history.

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    Chubby_Deuce I just threw up allllll over the place, Dan. Thank [...] 25-Aug-05 01:00 51

    Chubby_Deuce 25-Aug-05 01:00 51

    Since: Jul 2004

    I just threw up allllll over the place, Dan. Thanks.

    Forza Minardi!

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