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Silence in Faenza

No press release from Faenza so far, has Friesacher found some last minute cash after all?


  • Someone chack the local Faenza news for a spate of 7/11 holdups :hehe:
  • RJ, according to F1racing.net (who have close contacts to Albers and Doornbos) the anouncement will be made before Wednesday!!
    Verwacht wordt dat Stoddart nog voor woensdag zal beslissen wie op de Hockenheimring de tweede Minardi zal besturen.
  • Yeah, but f1racing.net is also often reporting bullsh*t.

    But I doubt that PAt has found some money. Stoddie allready announced that it's over and PAtricks manager is looking for alternatives.
  • OK, homer.
    What about Crash.net?:
    Minardi has played down speculation that Robert Doornbos is poised to join countryman Christijan Albers in its line-up for the German Grand Prix, despite having suggested that current incumbent Patrick Friesacher is struggling to come up with the budget to remain on board.

    Doornbos' name was among those being touted as a possible replacement when rumours of Friesacher's cash shortfall first broke last week. On that occasion, Minardi team boss Paul Stoddart suggested that the Austrian would be lucky to keep his seat for Hockenheim, despite the event being the closest thing to a home race for the F3000 graduate. Former Minardi racer Zsolt Baumgartner and F1 test drivers Anthony Davidson and Franck Montagny were also mentioned in connection with the seat, although the latter pair were considered extreme outsiders given the backward step the move would represent in comparison with their current mounts.

    Baumgartner would be an obvious replacement for the race following Germany, which takes place in his native Hungary, but Doornbos is the name that features in most rumours, having turned in impressive Friday performances for fellow backmarker Jordan. Minardi, however, is not prepared to confirm or deny whether the change will take place.

    A spokesman told Crash.net that, despite acknowledging Stoddart's comments of the past week, he had not been asked to prepare a statement for the press concerning any driver switch, and was therefore not aware that any such move would take place. He did admit, however, that Stoddart, realistically, had until Thursday to replace Friesacher in the #21 machine.
  • Yeah, of course he has to announce, but I wanted to say that it's not certain that it will be Robert.
  • Contract cancellation crunch time for Carinthian
    Posted on Monday, July 18 @ 14:03:18 MDT by forzaminardi

    Patrick Friesacher could still be driving a Formula 1 car at the German GP next weekend according to reports in the Austrian media. Even though it was reported that Paul Stoddart sent a fax to Friesacher's management on Sunday cancelling his contract, a successor for the Carinthian has not been found yet which means that he might line up at the German GP one last time.

    A Minardi spokesperson meanwhile denied that there are plans for a driver switch anytime soon.

    It is however no rumour, that Friesacher has financial difficulties.

    The issue has also kicked off a debate in Friesacher's home province as it has not been made official where the money (US$ 2 Million) for the "Karnten" logo on the Minardi car has come from. If tax money was used, this has not been made public by Carinthia's governor Jorg Haider according to Carinthian politician Josef Martinz. Haider had said in the past that an anonymous private sponsor had come up with the money.
    very very interesting!
  • very very amateuristic !!
  • F1today.nl claims that Doornbos his raceseat has allready been made at Minardi last monday:
    Doornbos heeft stoeltje bij Minardi reeds gepast

    De presentatie van Robert Doornbos bij Minardi lijkt slechts een kwestie van tijd te zijn. De Nederlander in dienst van Jordan heeft maandag zijn stoeltje al geschuimd bij het team van Minardi, waar ook landgenoot Christijan Albers rijdt.

    Ondanks het feit dat er meerdere kapers op de kust zijn voor het tweede racezitje naast Albers, blijft Doornbos’ manager Mario Zecchi er nuchter onder: “Als we er uit komen, prima. Zo niet, pech, dan gaan we gewoon verder bij Jordan.”

    De onderhandelingen bevinden zich volgens Zecchi in het laatste stadium: “Het gaat nu nog om de details’’, aldus Zecchi. Naar alle waarschijnlijkheid zal later vandaag de beslissing bekend worden gemaakt. Doornbos rijdt momenteel nog als vrijdagrijder bij Jordan.
    Despite the fact there are more competitors for the seat Doornbos his manager stays calm: "It would be great to have a deal but otherwise Robert continues at Jordan. It's only about details now and most likely the decision will be made public later today".
  • now i didn't put this on the front page because I don't want my ass sued but Gaddafi has been names as one of the potential backers. Haider and Gaddafi are good pals. Then again, that's not too strange as Gaddafi has become a major sponsor of Juventus Turin.

  • RJ, I already mentioned Ghadafi yesterday !!!!!;)

    Btw, I read in your link about Hypo Bank maybe sponsoring Pat to get him a full seat in 2006 somewhere !!!
    Why don't they give money now to solve the problem ????

    [Edited on 19/7/2005 by Minardus]

  • *72 Million + 1 = CAN ARTAM

  • The amount of Turks IN Turkey? :D
  • huh?
    I second that motion.
  • now if they all clicked on one of those google banners, i could afford live in car feed on Forza:hehe:
  • You know, RJ, it's against the rules of Google AdSense to encourage people to click on the ads... :spank: :hides:
  • i don't know what you are talking about:angel::angel:
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