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It's Doornbos!!



  • Damn - you beat me to the post again!
  • you're getting old, quig:hehe:
  • it's good to be up to date, until now I'm the only site reporting the news hehe (that is bound to change though)
  • It isn't mentioned on TOMS yet !!!!!!!!!!!

    But it is on F1racing.net:
    Doornbos to replace Friesacher

    The Minardi F1 Team today announced that Dutchman, Robert Doornbos, is to join countryman, Christijan Albers, in the Faenza squad's driver line-up with immediate effect. Doornbos, who has fulfilled the role of Friday test driver at Jordan this season, thus steps up to a full race seat at Minardi, replacing Patrick Friesacher.

    "We are pleased to welcome Robert to Minardi," comments Team Principal, Paul Stoddart. "He has demonstrated clearly over the last year that he has the pace necessary to compete in Formula One, and we are pleased to give him the opportunity to make his World Championship debut at this weekend's German Grand Prix. I believe he is going to do an excellent job over the coming races, and I'm sure the Minardi team can expect even more enthusiastic support from the Netherlands, if that's possible, as we now have the first, all-Dutch driver line-up.

    "I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Patrick sincerely for his efforts on behalf of the team, and although commercial considerations mean we have had to bring our relationship with him to an end, this decision should in no way be taken as a reflection on his skill or ability as a driver. We continue to rate him very highly, and wish him all the best for the future."
  • Congrats to you RJ, but most of all to Robert Doornbos !!
    I'm sorry for Friesacher and hope he'll be testdriver for us (but I doubt that).
    It' ll be interesting to see how quick (or not) Doornbos will be comfortable in the car (if at all possible;))

    So a big wellcome to Robert and GOOD LUCK (you'll need it)
  • Reaction from his own website:
    Robert Doornbos To Race For Minardi!
    07.19.05 - FAENZA, JULY 19 2005 - On from the next Championship round, the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, Robert Doornbos will make his Formula One racedebut with the Minardi F1 Team! The 23-year old Dutchman signed a contract with the Anglo/Italian outfit of Paul Stoddart this morning to become their new racedriver. The agreement enables the current test- and reservedriver of Jordan Grand Prix to line up among the twenty best drivers of the world at July 22 untill at least the end of the current season.

    Doornbos, who made his F1 debut last year in September during the inaugural Chinese Grand Prix for the former squad of Eddie Jordan, has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in developing and testing Formula One cars over the last year. By performing quick and consistent in all of this year’s Friday’s Free Practises, Doornbos is now handed the opportunity by teamowner Paul Stoddart to show his talents in the eight remaining Qualifying Sessions and Races of 2005. With this experience the 2004 FIA International F3000 ‘Rookie of the Year’ graduate is aiming to complete himself as a Formula One driver. Robert Doornbos also remains proud and happy to maintain the offer of Dr. Kolles to race for Midland in 2006.

    ROBERT DOORNBOS: “I can’t hardly wait to get started on Friday. This is the chance I’ve hoped for and where both me and my management have worked very hard for. I feel topfit and ready to make this next step in my carreer. By racing I can gain more experience, which will make me of larger value when I grid up in 2006. This year Jordan/Midland could not yet hand me the opportunity to race for them. Minardi now does. I’m very eager to translate my ambitions into action!”
  • Congrats, hey where is Can Artam...
  • third driver?
  • Congrats, hey where is Can Artam...
    Go to http://www.ForzaGP2.com
  • I really, really hope he will blow Albers away but it's not going to be easy...

    P.s. Beware for all those Vfans who are supporting Robert now! :spank:
  • Well I wouldn't expect him to come anywhere near Albers for the first couple of races, it's tough to start halfway through the season. He was very quick with the Jordan though, sometimes faster than both regular drivers! We'll see.
  • I see from his website Doornbos is commited to driving for Midland in 2006 what do ya think guys? will all Minardi secrets be taken to Midland?
  • like Fabiana's phone number??:hehe:
  • NB: some posts deleted because i'd like this thread to stick to the topic: for all geopolitical ranting please use the pub section of this forum :hehe:

  • very pleased too see it forzaminardi, 10x
  • Did I get tossed? Thats a first.

    HEHE dont forget Can Artam, come on dudes at least for the Turkish GP :)

  • The seventh of August could be fun. Two drivers that live(d) in Rotterdam racing through their own city.
  • What are the implications if he's 2-3 seconds a lap quicker than CA?

    Christijan having his personal sponsors on the cars means we
    could have a bit of real estate on the cars if he walks next year,
    since the two, from reports, don't get on that well.

    All the best for Patrick though, he'll go down as one of Minardi's
    top point scorers.
  • Me = Underwhelmed
  • Me = Underwhelmed
    Me too. Unless it leads to Philips becoming our major sponsor.
  • NB: some posts deleted because i'd like this thread to stick to the topic: for all geopolitical ranting please use the pub section of this forum
    What did I do and what did I miss? Was it worth deleting it?
  • I want this shirt.

  • Admit it Jello, You just wanna see Doornbos without a shirt :hehe:
  • and maybe a little of this.


    and this.

  • sorry to disappoint you jello but this is a Dutch lion, has nothing to do with Minardi
  • This I know. I still want the shirt. :)
  • OMFG! Jello wants to be a Dutchy :runs:
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