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Sign up for AtlasF1 today.

Like today, literally. Out in a matter of hours or minutes will be an all-Minardi issue of their magazine. This includes but is not limited to, an interview with Gian Carlo, a photo-tour of the factory (juicy) and a tech interview/article of some sort by Scarbs (www.scarbsf1.net).

www.atlasf1.com is the address, $40 a year for the best F1 news site on the net.


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  • www.atlasf1.com is the address, $40 a year for the best F1 news site on the net
    you know how many waffles that would buy?
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    Me---->:spank: <----- Authorities :(

  • Who's side are you on? You know my email..... :cool:

    :hehe: @ RJ (the plagiarist)
  • or a monthly subscription to
  • Story is not up as of yet but I signed up for a month. I know it is a rip if I do decide to go for the whole year but unless I use it everyday then it is a waste.

    You see, what goes on in the Minardi world is really all I care about...
  • I'm getting impatient. :(
  • Out in a matter of hours or minutes
    Hey gang - lets take up a collection so we can buy Jello a new watch.
  • It's on the way, I promise. :(
  • It's on the way
    So is Christmas.
  • Am I ever happy?
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GCM is even more amazing than I had thought.

  • "Subscription site: Gian Carlo Minardi's Trial Set to Begin in Italy" :o:o:o:o


    Where the hell did this headline come from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The trial against Gian Carlo Minardi over charges of illegal financial activity is set to begin in Italy, the former team owner told Atlas F1.

    Minardi and the team's financial director Stefano Sangiorgi were investigated for allegations of forging invoices and falsifying accounts during the years 1993 and 1996.

    Edit: He garuntee's that he and Stefano were not involved, but are being investigated and charged because of their association with other, guilty parties.


    "If things were done wrongly it was in an effort to keep alive a company made of 120 people who have above average wages."

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  • I just finished reading it all for the first time and I'm blown away. The GCM interview alone makes my years subscription under-priced.

    You guys should hear what he thinks of Ron Dennis...
  • well I guess I gotta sign up for one month too then...
  • some of the quotes of "the man" nearly brought a tear to my eye... the editor however is a sloppy, sloppy guy Zsolt didn't race for us in 2003 and his translation still very much reeks of Italian (you just can't translate "nella Ferrari" with "in Ferrari" etc)

    the pictures are awesome, bummer I can't use them for the site. I had an A1 copy of the very first picture in my room last year!

    [Edited on 16/12/2004 by forzaminardi]
  • I believe this was a pretty quick job RJ. I think the interview was earlier this month. The editor has been notified of the mistake on Baumgartner though.

    And yea, the whole thing is worded somewhat strangely, I suppose due to the translation.

    So, I wish nobody would have held Gian Carlo back...
  • "Subscription site: Gian Carlo Minardi's Trial Set to Begin in Italy" :o:o:o:o


    Where the hell did this headline come from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's mentioned on GrandPrix.com now as well:
    [quote][The Minardi trial
    A trial is going ahead in Italy at the moment involving Giancarlo Minardi and his accountant Stefano Sangiorgio relating to illegal activities in relation to sponsorship deals in the 1990s. Minardi says that he is innocent but that there may have been activities related to the team which were not necessarily above board at the time. Whatever the case the trial will have no effect on the current Minardi operation because it does not relate to the team itself. The team took advantage of a tax amnesty in 2001 to settle up outstanding tax questions with the Italian authorities. The team is still looking for its drivers for next year and is understood to be talking to seven different drivers about work in 2005. It is not clear who is on the list but it seems that Christjian Albers is certainly one of them.
  • The magazine is definetly worth the 1 month subscription. It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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