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Time to update the banner RJ!

We've got new OzJet stickers on the car and no more Kaernten. Time for a little graphics work old chap!


  • Save you the search RJ.

  • oh sod off, i just updated the logo two weeks ago when I replace friesacher with albers. there is no suitable picture on minardi.it yet and those are the only ones i can use.
    besides minardi.it even still have a pic of haider and thomas frank on the site (just click on press)
  • RJ is becoming a lazy bone!:D:D:D:D
  • Wait Wai, till after the new JVC and Dynabyte logos appear

    "Dynabyte logo will be on the vertical sides of the sidepods of all race cars."

    Hopefully RJ will have to update every race!
  • A bit of a late post, yes, but...

    Minardi.it pictures are the only ones you can use? Come on now, like anyone's going to be able to tell where you got a picture in the header from. I take all of my pictures off motorsport.com... Of course, no one notices my site to begin with, so it's all good.
  • yes, that's the only ones I use unless I get some of some kind photographer. not willing to use other ones as that could get the site into big trouble.
  • Any of Murph's pics good enough. I never have thought so but...
  • it wouldn't be any more up to date than the current one
  • I know but it was a chance to get a dig into Murph
  • image

    there you go...

    €: ARGS . wrong direction

    [Edited on 10/8/2005 by Homer]
  • You could just flip it so it's the right direction, you know. That part isn't the problem. It looks to be a little bit too small.

    What program do you use to make the header? Photoshop?
  • We don't read backwards all that well, though. ;)
  • Not as if anyone would notice...
  • I flippend allready and it looked terrible.

    The size is not the problem, I can also give you the high-resolution version of this picture.

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