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Nissany third driver in Hungary!

FAENZA, ITALY, July 28, 2005

The Minardi F1 Team today announces that official test driver, Chanoch Nissany, will take on the role of Friday Test Driver at this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix. The way was cleared for Nissany to become the first Israeli driver to participate in a Formula One event when he was granted the necessary Super-licence earlier this week. He has completed nearly 1600 kms of Formula One testing in the last year, and also competed in the Hungarian, Belgian and Italian rounds of the FIA F3000 International Championship in 2004. Initially, this will be a one-off programme for Nissany, whose close connections with Budapest should make him a crowd favourite when action gets under way at the Hungaroring on Friday.

“We are very pleased that, after an extensive F1 testing programme, Chanoch will be able to assume the role of Friday Test Driver for the team at the Hungarian Grand Prix,” says Minardi F1 Team Principal, Paul Stoddart. “Aside from providing our technical staff with useful additional data, I’m sure Chanoch’s presence on track this weekend will help to raise the profile of Formula One in both Israel and Hungary, where he is a very popular figure. This can only be a good thing for the overall health of the World Championship.”

Chanoch Nissany – Biographical Details
Date of birth: July 29, 1963

Born: Israel

Resides: Budapest, Hungary

Nationality: Israeli

Height: 1.75m

Weight: 71 kg

Marital status: Married

Hobbies: Running, fitness

Favourite food: pasta, sushi

Favourite drink: Mineral water

Languages: Hebrew, Hungarian, English

Race Career
2002 Formula 2000, Hungarian National Championship (Szasz Motorsport) - Runner-up
Group E-2000 FIA Central European Zone Circuit Trophy (Szasz Motorsport) - Champion
2003 Formula 2000, Hungarian National Championship (Szasz Motorsport) - Champion
Group E-2000 FIA Central European Zone Circuit Trophy (Szasz Motorsport) - Champion
World Series Light by Nissan Championship (Szasz Motorsport) - competed in selected rounds

2004 Formula 2000, Hungarian National Championship (Szasz Motorsport) - Champion
F3000 International Championship, official test driver, Coloni Motorsport - competed Hungaroring, Spa and Monza rounds

Formula One, official tests for Minardi and Jordan (total of 419 km)

2005 Formula One, Minardi official test driver (total of 1162 km at Misano, Mugello and the Hungaroring)


  • mmmmm,,,


    I hope he does not crash too many cars...
  • So, that means Zsolt couldn't come up with the money for driver the 3rd car in Budapest afterall !!!!!!!!!

    Btw, Pat won't be back this year:
    Friesacher 'no' to Friday job

    Patrick Friesacher has ruled out returning to Formula One in a 'Friday' practice driving role. The Austrian rookie, who lost his Minardi race seat to Robert Doornbos after sponsorship cash dried up, said his manager Thomas Frank is already working on a 2006 package. "We do everything we can to come back," the 24-year-old said.

    Friesacher had been linked with Doornbos' vacated 'Friday' position at Jordan, a seat filled at Hockenheim by Danish driver Nicolas Kiesa. But he said: "I am not interested in a Friday seat."
  • In this case is something better than nothing??
  • Only if there's a money angle. In every other respect it's a joke.
  • I heard that Zsolt hasn't got sponsors so he has no money to that 3rd Minardi seat.

    I hope Nissany won't do something stupid on Friday... I don't want to see our team in the spotlight because of an accident like he was done with CA at the Mugello(or maybe Imola, i don't know) test.
  • It's good news. WE have a third car and we are actually testing it on a Friday. It's all good! At least it can't hurt...too much ;)
  • I hope he does not crash too many cars...
    he's done over 1000 miles without crashing, I can't see why he'd decide to start now :P

    If Nissany got a fulltime gig, it would be interesting to see what would happen when the series makes its way to Bahrain...

    [Edited on 28/7/2005 by FlyingPanda]
  • he's done over 1000 miles without crashing, I can't see why he'd decide to start now :P
    It's a bit worrying, though, as he will be driving at the same time with 24 other cars in the worst-case scenario. In some tests, Nissany has been relatively cose to the pace of others, which would mean his presence wouldn't be a problem.

    However, if it will be like the Misano tests - Nissany 10 secs off the nearest Minardi driver - it will spell trouble in that kind of traffic.
  • I think I have discerned Minardi's strategy. Have Nissany take out the nearest competition.

    Seriously I think the more info the better, would prefer someone who is more on pace with the rest of the grid but Zsolt can't find enough money.

    Good luck Nissany and please don't **** up the car or anyone else.
  • Embarrassing.
  • :hehe: :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:
  • Favourite drink: Mineral water
  • If the money means more windtunnel work then fine, but this has not been given to him on merit and that's where Minardi can loose its way.

    There is more value in testing a hard charger for very little, at least you'll get more respect from the public.

    Good Luck Nissany, but really we have to look long and hard at ourselves as a team on this decision.....
  • At least he has driven the track before in F3000. Last year he qualified second to last and had a DNF result.

    Hungaroring, Qualifying

    1 Vitantonio Liuzzi Arden 1:35.003
    3 Patrick Friesacher Coloni 1:35.460
    6 Robert Doornbos Arden 1:35.762
    17 Chanoch Nissany Coloni 1:39.162

    Judging by this he could be a bit off the pace.
  • this could get ugly. How many drivers do you think will mention 'Nissany' in their Friday quotes? :rolleyes:
  • Buttock crinchingly grim!
  • he's embarassingly slow.
  • and fter 5 laps he's beached it in the gravel. What was the point?
  • he seems to be trying to get some value out of it though... when the car was carried away he stayed in the car because he couldn't get the steering wheel off.
  • Buttock crinchingly grim!
    Now that's a post!

    At least everyone knows why he's there, so maybe it won't hurt the team's dignitas too much.

    And yet.............that's how it was before the 107 rule. Rich gits wandering around the track half a minute off the pace.

    Next time he should pay double.
  • Upex must not be happy with his performance.
    They payed a lot of cash for the engine cover on the 3rd car (I suppose) and the car was only on track for 8 laps !!!!!:(

    EDIT: I just saw on a pic that our other cars also have Upex on the enginecover !!!!

    [Edited on 29/7/2005 by Minardus]
  • 18 drivers did faster laps than Nissany in GP2 qualifying today! :hehe:

    [Edited on 29/7/2005 by Steve]
  • I've got the feeling that the UPEX is Nissany's comparny, so a I don't think anyones care about the mood of the UPEX.

    What's that (maybe) Stream Group sticker on the side of the nose? Are they new sponsors or just buying the place of Muermans?
  • hey, we are famous!


    just go to the middle of the artice and there is a link to here and they write about the poll of Nissany.

    /index.hu is one of the biggest news portal in Hungary/

    [Edited on 3/8/2005 by ATi]
  • Is it true?

    He stayed in the car under the rescue...:spank:
    What a hero...:mad:
  • My fav. part is not that...

    He rented the whole Hungaroring for 1 and half month, and then nobody used the track beside him.
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