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  • What is that steel pipe on the upper right side of the helmet just in front of the engine cover?

    Some kind of Missile launcher ??:P
  • it's to put the rope in to pull him out off the graveltrap...
  • The rope usually goes through the big hole in the black area on the highest part of the car !!!

    But, the steel-colored tube is something I haven't seen before !!!!
  • For Albers to put his flag in when they win the GP on Sunday ;-))
  • Speaking tube?

    "Whoooot; Mr. Engineer, I need more power"

    "But Cap'n, I'm givin it all she's got! She cannae take much more o' this!!"

    Which puts me in mind (Goodness knows why, probably because you lot have become so boring) of a famous quote.

    A BOAC Captain of long standing in the propeller era was once asked how many engines an airliner would need to be considered 'safe'. The response - delivered chipperly - was "Well, I imagine that if the engineer was to say; Captain, I'm afraid number 27 is running a little hot and will have to be shut down; and I would reply Number 27 Mr. Engineer?, very good, which side?"

  • image

    Is that UPEX on the engine cover?
  • image

    Is that UPEX on the engine cover?
    Yep, UPEX is Nissany's sponsor, has been on the car all year, must be stepping up for his adopted-home event...

    edit - and on the nose of the car, looks like 'Stream Group', whoever they are...

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  • and on the nose of the car, looks like 'Stream Group', whoever they are...
    That is Muermans' space (formerly it was Kaernten's space).
    I suppose Muermans sold the space on to another company for this race.
    If so, it doesn't mean more money or a new sponsor for the team !!!!!
    (BUT, if the company likes the coverage they get this weekend, maybe they WILL become a future sponsor. Always think positive;))!!!

    Btw, KPN is not on the back of the rearwing anymore. This weekend it's Muermans :
    I wonder if KPN was also a sell-through-deal of Muermans ?!?!?

    [Edited on 29/7/2005 by Minardus]
  • I like that upex logo, looks smooth
  • kpn are still big on the Robert Doornbos Web site
  • Did UPEX raise his sponsorship or is it just for this weekend?
  • KPN is a sponsor that Doornbos brought to Minardi, together with Muermans and CO2 they are supporting Robert.

    The KPN sponsorship was originally meant to be a 2-friday deal, at this point they already are supporting him for 4 races! Rumours are that Telfort (mobile company, also KPN) will take over this sponsorship in the near future.

    Muermans also raised his sponsorship after Doornbos signed with Minardi.

    Another rumour is that both Doornbos and Albers are in the running for a seat at BAR for next season...
  • Did UPEX raise his sponsorship or is it just for this weekend?
    UPEX is owned by Nissany. So, yes. :)
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