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Where are the potential Title Sponsors...

New 2-year deal for Ferrari and Vodafone

Mobile telecomms giant Vodafone has confirmed that it has a agreed a new two-year deal with world champions Ferrari. The terms of the deal have not been revealed, however the previous three-year contract was said to be worth £110m ($211m USD).

Source: www.pitpass.com

Hell, for that they can be our SOLE SPONSOR!!!!! Can't we find any largish company at all that wants to be in F1. They sponsor us for three years and they will get further up the grid.

Hello '3G' we'll let you paint our cars for half that!
You don't have to be the fastest, just the coolest!


  • Minardi is looking very, VERY hard at the United States at the moment.
  • little jello giving away hints...
  • Talk to me Jello - what do you know that I have only heard hints of....?
  • An American sponsor? Well, it doesn't fit very well with the team name, i suppose;)
  • You want to explain that? Does Marlboro TOIT sound okay to you?
  • Just what you know, Quigs.
  • Looking into more info on that as we speak.
  • It's lovely to hear suggestions that they're out there looking hard. Just one, medium-sized cheque would get us on an upward curve. It would also stop the car looking the bloody NASCAR mess it has for the past two years.
  • No MCSF, but Minardis official name for 2005 is "European Minardi".

    european Greetzs from the old europe


    EDIT: Whatever. How certain is it that the team will geht money from the US?

    [Edited on 16/12/2004 by Homer]
  • The only reasom it is called European Minardi as there is not a "title" sponsor.

    Like BETA Minardi or Mc Donalds Minardi etc etc.
  • As far as I know, the "European" comes from "European Aviation". (yeah, i Know that hey aren't sponsoring Minardi any more, but the name came together with Paul in 2001).

    About which American enterprise are you speculating? And how certain is it?
  • If a title sponsor were to come along the European would prob - most certainly go away.

    How sure am I ....don't have a guess but presentations have or will soon be made to the best of my knowledge.

  • Ehm, may you tell us about which enterprise you are thinking?
  • I don't post unless I am sooooooo positive it is for real. This keeps me in good stead here and with my contacts within the Team.

    If they want us to know something they will tell us.
  • Larry Flint Publications?
  • Where are the potential Title Sponsors...
    Holland :P ;)
  • Allright, then if only one question... or maybe two....

    When do you think will there be an announcement? Will there be any confirmations (also about drivers) before christmas? And where the hell did I put my watch?
  • I don't know about your first two questions, but for the third check the couch or refrigerator.
  • The refrigator. Yeah. Maybe I will find there my discman, too...
    I think i have to tidy up.
  • If Albers is potentially bringing JVC should we not be contacting them? Surely got the Cash?
  • i think the whole of the f1 market is goin to suffer because of the ending of tobacco sponsorship soon so maybe we may even see big teams with our title sponsors
  • Who does Judas have for a title sponsor? Anything but more messages from Bahrain! :spank:
  • Who does Judas have for a title sponsor? Anything but more messages from Bahrain! :spank:
    No title sponsor at the moment acording to Gransprix.com:
  • Money laundering...that is how he must be doing it.
  • I'm gonna miss those messages from the Bahrain stoners :P
  • Far out man. You think you know something, then bang! Wow man wow.
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