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  • That was wise. The Krauts and Brits never really have gotten on too well and I think we saw an example of this theory over the past few years with these two.
  • Germans, Fawlty?
  • I predict big things, at least in the first half of next year, for the partnership.

    Race wins, even.
  • I predict things only get worse.
  • Dont mention ze var!!! ;)

    I think I did it, I mentioned the var but i dont think they noticed!
  • Hands across the water........water
  • I think this partinership is going to last a long while yet.

    Everyone is claiming Williams will use Toyota donks in '07, but why would a team like Williams, who prides themselves on winning take up an engine deal from another team who would put their own success ahead of Williams?

    Remember, the Toyota engine is integrated with the Toyota chassis. Unless Williams also use a Toyota chassis, then their engine package wont neccessarily be suited to their car, and they'll have to design the chassis around the engine. This Cosworth deal on the other hand allows them to dictate certain aspects of the engines design.
  • Good news! Now we have a V8 engine for 2007!
  • A winning combination, I predict !!!

    Re BStone: I don't thik it will happen!!!
  • Re BStone: I don't thik it will happen!!!
    Who knows? A few days ago - before the Cosworth deal was signed - gp2005.com claimed they knew:
    Williams will run in Bridgestone in 2006

    While the engine question at Williams was still undecided in Budapest and the Button case still blur, Williams made its tyre choice. The team will run with Bridgestone next year, GP2005.COM can reveal (read our Spies Report).

    Red Bull is another candidate. In Japan, the headquarters of Toyota is negotiating with Bridgestone

  • Just a thought. Williams are integrating a lot more than just the engine. They are building a lot of componets with Cosworth. This is going to last more than a year.

    I finally think Frank has gotten sick of politics from manufacturers. I agree with a few on this site that this will last for years!!! And for the first few races it will be a screamer.
  • If you're right Manni about the multi-year plan, then Williams F1 has truly returned to be a completely privateer team with no links to the "manufacturers" !!!!!

    Welcome back to the club, Frank !!!;)
  • Long term Williams stand a better chance forging a relationship with Cosworth. I'm convinced that FOMOCO will see the error of their ways and find some tie up with Cosworth again. A tie up with Toyota would condemn Williams to a second string support team. In any event it will boil down to the quality of their chassis. Palpably their achilles heel.
  • Good news all around. Cosworth finds a V8 customer and Williams remains (returns as) an independent. Now Paul needs to get some scheckels together to get those V8's! I'm sure Williams and Cosworth would like to see another team with the engine to speed dev work. That team should be Minardi.

    Cosworth will be going balls out to make sure that thing is competitive to give the best possible chance of retaining a customer like Williams.
  • It's in both their interests. Williams ain't doing too well either. Win Win situation for both.
  • I just hope that Minardi still can pay for the engine in 2006, i'm afraid it cannot.
  • Welcome aboard Dazzle - where ya from?

    BTW - where is jetSetJim when you need him?
  • I haven't read in on regulations for next year, but I have the feeling that having tuned down V10s may be an advantage next year.
  • I haven't read in on regulations for next year, but I have the feeling that having tuned down V10s may be an advantage next year.
    If it winds up with that being the case, expect swift action making it not so.
  • I just hope that Minardi still can pay for the engine in 2006, i'm afraid it cannot.
    Minardi is still using the V10's next season. This doesn't affect Minardi in any way.

    I think Williams-Cosworth will have more success than most people are saying they will. I think the engine is going to be pretty good. It's all going to depend on how good of a car Williams makes.

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