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How long do Minardi take to turn around their required logo's? We had a bit of to and fro with the documentation, and everything seems to be in order... but they havent contacted me for a while...

Just started my new job (with the opposition), so time wise I've been flat chat, but am waiting for logos so I can relaunch the website.



  • They were flat out on the Bologna Motor Show and now they are ramping down for Christmas. After Christmas they have a huge Befina celebration in Faenza so they prob won't return until after the Epiphany.
  • if i'm not mistaken it's befana - can the Italians enlighten us and explain the significance of this celebration.
  • Neil - thanks for the correction. I misspelled it. We are teaching this legend to our son now but if Salvo or Manilo could give us the details I'd appreciate it as well.
  • i think it's something about a witch?????

    italians where are you?
  • Epiphany, "Epifania" is the religious holiday. It is the day in wich for the tradition the "Re Magi" (the 3 wise men) arrived to Betlem. Epifania is a greek word , it means that the Lord showed himself for the very first time.

    Italians, especially northern italians, for the epifania day celebrate "La Befana", that is an old lady coming down by the chimneys to bring presents to children.
  • Sounds like a job for Matt.

    On second thoughts ...
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