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  • Poor tyre selection with regard to turn 8 more like.

    How long will Frank put up with Sam Nichels one wonders?

    What about Webber then, eh?

    Talk about unnecessary crashes. Obviously he was faster than the Swervemaker and deserved to unlap himslef, but that move was a bit too ambitious. Whilst technically in the right of it, it was still touch and go. As for the Swervemaker himself, what did he have to lose by letting Webber go?

    Not impressive by any of those unvolved.
  • That was one thing that ITV didn’t seem to pick up on, was that Webber was a lap down and the move wasn’t needed.
  • I thought Webber's move was a legit move that Schumi wasn't ready for, personally. He was 2 seconds a lap quicker than Schumi, Skruff, so was he supposed to just sit there because he was a lap down?

  • Well, you wouldn't make a GP driver with an attitude like that.

    If you've got a faster car, you overtake. Plenty of 'unlapping' happens in a Grand Prix ...... Sato unlapped himself from Raikkonnen yesterday with a half dozen or so laps to go. Why Michael didn't just let him past without such a fight seems stupid. :spank:

  • I seem to remember Irvine unlapping himself from Senna. So if you are faster at the time I don't see any problem with unlapping yourself. You just have to watch out for the consequences, i.e. Irvine getting punched by Senna after the race,
  • It should the lapped drivers responsibility to ensure the passing maneuver is a clean one. If they can’t ensure that there will be no contact, he should stay behind. I’m no Schumacher fan (far from it), but he was running 10th at the time, Webber was running dead last. Imagine if was one of the leading drivers on the receiving end.

    If he can’t make through cleanly then it should not be done.
  • M$ said that he noticed Webber being on his right side in the mirror.
    After that he took the left corner as usual. Webber was on his left inside and QUOTE "I don't know how he suddenly could have been on my left side" !!!:rolleyes:
  • Swervemaker ain't gonna let anyone pass, lap down or not.
    Things don't look great for TOIT next year though. Massa looks like he's returned to the wild ways and the chassis is way off the pace. Best hope Toyoa change tyre suppliers. At least that way Bridgestone will get viable tyre data.
  • Anyone else find it rather satisfying that, despite 11 days worth of testing between GPs - whilst everyone else adhered to the testing ban - TOIT still couldn't do anything? :hehe:

    Burn that money Jean, it's someone else's after all. :angel:

    $ for $, our boys still do the best job on the grid.

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  • Truth is, if Bridgestone had a kickass tyre this year like 2002, Minardi would be scrappin' with Red bull and Sauber. Not that Bridgestone have produced a hopeless tyre this season- Ferrari have been at times barely 2 seconds a lap faster than us. Last year that gap was more like 5.5 seconds.

    I make it so that next year, if Ferrari improve by '0.5-1.0 sec' like they did from their F2004M to F2005 cars, and we supposedly have '3 seconds of development left on our PS05' (according to Stoddart), Minardi will be beating Ferrari in 2006.

    Well, possibly. :D

    Schumacher looked really rough and tired after the Turkish GP, incidentally. Don't think he liked tootling around in 10th, being the sixth fastest team of the weekend.
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