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Just got me a new t-shirt, I think the UK/Ireland contingent will like it!!!



  • Bring back Murray Walker!!:)
  • I don't think any of ITVs f1 presenters particularly good!!

    Jim Rosenthal has little or no interest in F1 he would rather be doing the football but enjoys the travel oportunities.

    James Allen is an idiot and should have stopped annoying everyone years ago!!:mad:

    Louise Goodman - knows the drivers well and sometimes gets quotes that no one else could get. shame they make her do features on shopping etc

    Mark Blundell (Ex F1 & Indycar) Has difficulty stringing a sentence together.

    Martin brundle knows his stuff - shame he can't forget that he's DCs manager and crowbars 'how fantastic DC is doing' every other sentence even when he is not!

    Murrays don't grow on trees but surely there is someone with a bit of passion that knows what they're talking about.
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