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ABN-AMRO looks at Minardi buy-out

A consortium of dutch companies is seriously investigating a Minardi take-over. ABN-AMRO, Greenfield Capital, WP Stewart & Co Ltd, Media Republic and Lost Boys have already met with F1 supro Ecclestone to discuss the future of F1. If these discussions turn-out to be postive, we might expect negotiations in the near future.



  • If those companies would want to buy Minardi I think it would be a great thing! They want PS to run the team but just take the financial trouble away.

    I truly hope (as a dutch ;)) that this will happen and perhaps they can even keep the current driver lin-up (giving the team some continuity)and order the V8

    hope it's not just a dream but a potential reality ;)
  • Substitute GCM for PS, keep the Team in Faenza and do not change the name and I'd be for it.
  • I could not imagine why those caompanies would want to take the team away from faenza Keeping PS ofr me sounds good. the team just needs more money keeping PS en 1 or 2 of the current drivers would be very good for the continuity, somethong that the team hasn't had for a long time..
  • Heh, bad idea I guess. I have the feeling they will almost certainly change the name of the team.
  • I'm with Emmett...

  • If they buy part of the team, with broker Bernie E involved, be sure that BE's "commision" for brokering will be a signature of Minardi F1 under the new concorde agreement.

    Re. retaining both drivers: won't happen.
    It seems the relations between both Dutch drivers' camps have reached bottom !!!!!!
    Albers is seriously looking at Midland for 2006.

    Which might not be so good for us, because he has more sponsors on the car as opposed to Doornbos !!!
  • If Paul sticks around I doubt anything will change much structure wise. The name perhaps as why would ABN buy into the team if they're essentially going to be a title sponsor...............ABN-F1 beat the hell out of 'Footwork!'

    Don't know about GCM, probably he'll be the 'ghost in the machine,' left to concentrate on driver search. The perfect spot if he's really a talent spotter is to set up a GP2 team and let him run that. There's too much potential for conflict with the big team and less chance of due respect being paid with ownership passing on again.

    If it happens there's no more excuses however.
  • Not sure what the role of ABN is at the moment, from what I have read they are only advisers.
    Michiel Mol wants Eddie Irvine as new teamboss, not PS.
    Not sure if Minardi will stay the same. Probably not. I don't know if if PS accepts that. Bernie already visited ABN/AMRO in Amsterdam a month ago so this might be serious. But I stay sceptical whenever I see that M. Mol is involved.

    [Edited on 24/8/2005 by vuurmuur]
  • Michiel Mol wants Eddie Irvine as new teamboss, not PS.
    If this is true, this Mol guy is officially out of his mind.

    [Edited on 24/8/2005 by Stan]
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