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  • This will "hush" the anti-Stoddart movement !!!!!;)
  • the man is very very positive:o
    I always think the best is yet to come. I want to see a Minardi driver on the podium.
  • Good to hear comments from GCM.
  • This will "hush" the anti-Stoddart movement !!!!!;)
    Ehhh... what?
  • I was scratching my head on that one too.
  • Just wonder who he is really looking at in the lower series and how much he does with the marketing department. They need to be doing better in the marketing department and get a stable and big sponsor.
  • As far as I can tell it's simply a matter of him using his own connections and time to further the team. Obviously Stoddart would have to offer and incentive but above all I think he wants to make good for Gazprom and Stayer and return the team to a spot more deserving of the Minardi name.

    As far as his day to day work, I think he puts it well. In a company of hard workers, he stands out the most I think. As Quigley has said many a time he's the first there and one of, if not the last, to leave. Between those two events he seems to fill in where he can. Obviously he can do basically anything involved in running the team as that's what he did for years when the team employed only a handful of people. When we bumped into him upstairs at Faenza he was quite nearly jogging from one end of the building to the other. Of course he still found the time to stop, shake everyone's hand twice and of course show off the Enzo Ferrari letters. After that he dissappeared again only to reappear bearing gifts.
  • [quote]This will "hush" the anti-Stoddart movement !!!!!;)
    Ehhh... what? [/quote]

    I mean stuff like this:
    If Paul Stoddart wouldn't have been there, the team wouldn't exist anymore. I have to see the positive side of it. Of course I would have liked to have the team in my own hands, but now I have a different role in the team. It would be really great to find a good sponsor for Paul and keep the possibility to keep him managing the team in a proper way, something which has been difficult in the past years. This encourages me to work hard every day.
    This shows that he's happy that Paul has the team. If Paul wouldn't have been there at the right moment the team would have gone bust (like Prost and Arrows).
    Sometimes he asks me for advice and of course I give him my advice. But it is his team. I work every day for Paul to have the best team possible. And everything is for sale. When the team will be sold, it is up to Paul to get the best result for himself. But I'm sure he will only sell the team if the team can benefit from it.
    But maybe the name Minardi will disappear…
    I've been lucky that the team has been called Minardi for more than 330 races. This name is famous; it covers over 20 years of history in Formula One. The team was 100% mine in the past. All the people who have came to Minardi to buy shares, wanted to keep the name and tradition. If the new people want to change the name, the name will be changed. I hope they will think twice, or ten times, before they do change it.
    More respect for Paul.
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